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Top tips for great nights out in Leeds
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Primos, when on Briggate (Lower) was ace. It was one of the few places in Leeds where you could get to hear proper underground disco tunes. Also all the Gay guys never bothered you once they knew you were only there for the music, they still did try it on though.
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There was a good one in Strasbourg, but that's another story..[Ed. keep it leeds, or jog on]

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Jogon wrote: [keep it leeds, or jog on] That should be your signature on here.
There is enough sadness in life without having fellows like Gussie Fink-Nottle going about in sea boots.

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I remember going to see a performance of 'Divine' back in the 80's I guess .... but can't remember if at that time it was Rockshots, Primos or Bananas ... tho have a feeling it wasn't the latter! Anyone remember this?

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I paid a friend a visit once and decided to get into a comedy bar which got me sort of shocked because I had no idea that a comedy bar almost translates to a gay bar because a lot of them really flock the area.But when you are able to let loose and not mind what you are getting in to but just enjoy every minute of it, I am pretty sure that you will get your taste of what it really feels like to be in one.

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Re: gay bars

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I fondly remember nights at Charlie's the gay club in Briggate in the early 1970s.We usually ended up there after having drunk in The Hope And Anchor...always a rough and ready bar but with a very happy and sleazy atmosphere!The "Hope" and the also mentioned Viaduct which was classed as gay friendly rather than gay were the complete antithesis of the other gay drinking spot in Leeds at the time which was the Wellington Bar of the Great Northern Hotel.....I wonder if any readers remember that bar?

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Re: gay bars

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.....after Charlie's closed at 2am the gay crowd flocked to the coffee bar The Flamenco now The Belgrave........ Happy days!

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Re: gay bars

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Charlies was brill run by noel and joe (who was a screaming alcoholic) if you were were skint noel who was always on the door would lend you 5 quid and if you didn't pay him back your name went on the wall of shame!
it was located on briggate were queens court is now , one of the other well known guys there was nicky mott who went on to run a few other places over the years ... I remember carol one of the barmaids there and her fella mulee I think he was called who was the doorman great amusement when he was chucking out lesbians who always seemed to get into fights !!!
there was another pup just off city sq called the west riding thatwas popular too ( right next to the infamous portaloo )

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Re: gay bars

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I worked at Primos II for 2 years, saw alsorts! Used to be a lively friendly place and was one of the very few to have a late license til 6am sadly the Mister Craigs lot etc used to come down and create so much hassle. Sadly the place was done over a few times before shutting up shop! Confettis in the Merrion Centre was another fab place to go in the 80s and Nato on Boar Lane lasted a while before shutting permanently. Sadly the venues these days are nothing like the 80s and the atmosphere is rather dead at all of them

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