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Posted: Mon 18 Feb, 2008 2:44 am
by Dejadude
Dear Mr. Rik,Thank you for your kind offering of information. That sofa... what an icon. You always seem to come through with lots of cool bits. What a memory for me. That things was so nasty... when you sat on it you couldn't help but check to see what you were sitting in. And when you passed out on it... oh well.Thanks again for that! Hmmm... would be very interesting to trace its current whereabouts. Wish me luck. Cheers,Robin

Posted: Mon 18 Feb, 2008 4:26 pm
by aquadite
Robin do you remember Mick Longbottom? RIP flat nose john he was such a character..

Posted: Sun 24 Feb, 2008 1:38 am
by Dejadude
Hey Aquadite,RIP FNJ...Yes... I remember Mick Longbottom very well. I considered him a good friend and quite an interesting character. He was the Landlord of The Grove Inn in Holbeck... and became the Landlord of The Duchess at the same time! He took over as Landlord of The Duchess while I was still the Manager at The Duchess before I became the Landlord. John Keenan actually handed over the helm to Mick. And it was Mick Longbottom that I purchased all of the fixtures and fittings, stock, etc from as I took over at The Duchess when Mick left. He drove a Jag for awhile... and had a beautiful boat which he kept on the River Aire... he was a great guy. Any knowledge of his whereabouts?Robin

Posted: Sun 24 Feb, 2008 4:24 pm
by aquadite
He got remarried quite recently as he invited my step dad Dougie (you might know him too?) Doug might know what he's up to I'll ask himI remember his boat he had a brilliant party there donkeys years ago. I was friends with his daughter Joanne and ysed to babysit his son sean.I can remembert him being the landlord of the Grove too think that was just before my aunty pat became landladyAhhhh them were the days

Posted: Sun 24 Feb, 2008 9:04 pm
by Dejadude
Hey Aquadite,Wow... good for Mick! I really hope he is happy. Please send him my warmest regards. Yes... I do believe I know Dougie... the name rings many bells. And Joanne and Sean... time sure does fly.And then your Aunt Pat became Landlady... and then Rachel Scordos became the Landlady of The Grove Inn. Rachel was working at The Duchess when I started at The Duchess. She actually arranged my interview with John Keenan who took me on as the Manager there a year before I became Landlord.I remember Mick was married to a very slender lady while he was at The Grove and then, I believe, he possibly married a tall-ish German lady? Be sure to check with Dougie to see what Mick has been up to! Cheers,Robin    

Posted: Wed 19 Mar, 2008 10:44 pm
by Foz
God bless The Duchess (of York)! Favourite gig ever was The Dog's D'Amour in 94? (Unchartered Heights tour) Sitting on the glasswasher bar with bottles of Newky Brown having a right good sing-along! Of course there was a fight outside later in the night but happy days!Does anyone remember that tatty old green sofa upstairs? Didn't it end up in some ill-fated Music Museum in Sheffield?

Posted: Wed 19 Mar, 2008 10:50 pm
by tyke bhoy
The national pop and rock museum was opened in Sheffield and didnae last tooo long. Can't comment on what was exhibited though

Posted: Wed 19 Mar, 2008 11:11 pm
by Mr Rik
It did indeed end up there. See the postings on page 2 of this thread.

Posted: Thu 20 Mar, 2008 12:24 am
by Dejadude
Hey Foz,I remember the Dogs gig very well... I had to pass through one of our offices on my way upstairs with a girlfriend that night in the course of duty and someone was taking turns with a very sweaty but beautiful groupie on the famous Cobaine Sofa... the mess left behind was phenomenal... sofa and pub. I actually acquired several packages of drumsticks left behind with pink Dogs logo. What a party that night was... I would do it all over again.Going to be featuring The Dogs D'Amour on The Duchess MySpace site very soon as a Featured Artist of the Week. Got Manic Street Preachers now. You guys should come by and party often!God... I miss The Duchess. I would go back right now if I could.Robin

Posted: Thu 20 Mar, 2008 2:35 pm
by LeeRatbag
Foz wrote: God bless The Duchess (of York)! Favourite gig ever was The Dog's D'Amour in 94? (Unchartered Heights tour) The Dogs were one of the first bands I saw at the Duchess, in '88, and they became one of my favourite bands as soon as I saw them, but that particular show was without doubt the best I ever saw them do. Truly astonishing. Incidentally - hi Rik! How's NY treating you?