Top tips for great nights out in Leeds
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I can remember going to the ACE OF CLUBS think it was on Woodhouse Street used to be a good night watched all the top comedians and singers there Frank carsons etc for the comedians Joan Regan for the singers to name but a few was a very small club but boy what a night out you had small dance floor but was always full.where oh where did they all go    

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Hi Hobbsy,I also used to go to the premises when it was a night club, probably in the late 60's or early 70's. However, I was brought up 500 yards away from the place and, in the 50's, remember it more as the 'Astra Cinema' where, as a child, I used to go a couple of times a week. Ian

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My brother was a variety agent and used to book acts in there, we used to go quite regularly, not that i was a gambler but if you wantedto go in the Casino you had to come outside and go in an entrance immediately at its side. the girl on the door was called Anne and if she took a dislike to someone they did not get in, she was quite large and could certainly handlle herself.
One week my brother had P.J. Proby, the Amercan singer booked in and on the last night the owner Teddy Joyce had an argument in the dressing room with Proby who then pulled out a gun. all i knew was my brother came flying out and said lets go and we jumped in a cab that was waiting. Think it was all sorted out but by that time we were home in Beeston.
By and large they were happy days.

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