Mecca Locarno Leeds (County Arcade)

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Re: Mecca Locarno Leeds (County Arcade)

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I used to frequent the Mecca in County arcade before Merrion Centre and the clubs up there took over, Jimmy Saville used to DJ but I suppose that's not PC anymore

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Re: Mecca Locarno Leeds (County Arcade)

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I have just found a membership card of my husbands for Tudor Club dated 31.8,60. So was interested to read about the history of the place.

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Re: Mecca Locarno Leeds (County Arcade)

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Hi Darcey50,

There's lots of stuff about the Old Mecca on here: ... SPLAY=FULL

One of the people mentioned, Tony Hardcastle, was a well known Leeds bouncer/doorman (who was an absolute gentleman and was well respected by everyone that knew him) died on 30th August 2014, aged 79 yrs.

Another very well known Leeds character, who regularly frequented the place in the 1960's, was David Stephen I'Anson, commonly known as 'Fuzz'. He used to stand in the corner at the far end of the stage (where the ladies handed in their handbags for safekeeping - 'Handbag Corner') with many of the well known Leeds 'villains'. Fuzz died on 28th August 2017, aged 77 yrs.


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Re: Mecca Locarno Leeds (County Arcade)

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I don't suppose anyone can recall a band that played here in 1960 with a drummer by the name of Dave Moody? I believe he later played with the Jonny Breslin Trio and then the Mike Cox band
Please get in touch if you can point me in the right direction Thanks!

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Re: Mecca Locarno Leeds (County Arcade)

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Hello Mimicat,
i never knew the drummer you mention but johnny breslin was a fabulous singer and though i did not know Mike Cox he was a great sax player. as a coincidence he lived in Fulham treet Beeston which later my brother lived in sorry i can't be more helpful

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