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dERvXeroX wrote:
Fri 22 May, 2020 7:52 pm
BarFly wrote:
Wed 17 Apr, 2013 3:00 pm
45man wrote: Went in the Phono a few times.I know the front entrance and stairs are long gone.Does anybody know where the fire escape exit led to,and is this still there.Is the club still intact below ground?. The fire escape, as far as I could tell, came out in the underpass under Wade Lane (which was decommissioned before the Phono closed) and you would come out of the doors near the Lebanese restaurant on the other side of Wade Lane.I worked on the demolition of one of the booths over the under pass and got to see the area under there though, sadly, it was in the days before camera phones.I think Phil D posted some pictures of the underpass somewhere on here but I'm not sure whether they included the door for the fire exit or not as it wasn't on there when I worked at the site.
The fire doors lead to the service road/loading bay that goes underneath the Merrion.
Oh, so did that still exist back when Le Phono was around?
All academic now, I suppose, but it would have been nice to see under there.

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