Canale-Parola Family

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Re: Canale-Parola Family

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That was for the original poster. Apologies for the confusion.
Do you have any photographs of the family? I've got two of Carmino and Philomena selling ice cream, one of Philomena with some of her grandchildren (the photo includes 5 generations!), another is of Philomena and her son, and the last two are wedding photographs (one was Caterina's wedding, but I'm uncertain who the other one is). I can email them all to you if you'd like.
If you could that would be wonderful. I remember the 5 gen pic that was in the YEP but have not seen the others. My email is
Disregard this message. I'm getting confused as to who I have messaged and who I haven't haha.

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Re: Canale-Parola Family

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Hi. I would love to get photos of the Canale-Parola Family. Rosina was my Husband's Grandma.

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