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Posted: Sat 22 Mar, 2014 4:09 pm
by Twilight girl
Hi I have this photo that says Harold mum dad and family Harold was my grandad who we don't think is in the pic due to dobs . We are trying to find out who might be who but we have no one in he family no what would one . We know the following of my granddads family which some of them may be in he pic if anyone can help I be so great full .John Howarth born 6th July 1864 died 1931 married Elizabeth mills in 1886Elizabeth Howarth was mills born 23rd nov 1867 died 25th nov 1945 They had the following children James Howarth born 5th jan 1888 died 1972Louisa Howarth born 14 July 1889 married frank Henry whiteley in liversedge in 1913 died 1956Ann Howarth born 15 February 1891 married Benjamin staton cape in liversedge in 1911 died 1969May/Mary Howarth born 1894 married Harry jagger in liversedge in 1914 died 1927Florence Gertrude Howarth born 1899 married James perman in 1919 died 1943Hilda Howarth born 1904 married Thomas Duffy in 1929 and married Herbert Jackson in 1946 died in 1990Harold Howarth (my grandad) born 14 march 1908 married Eva Marion craven in 1931 died 8 sep 1979They also had other children that died at birth or with in a few months. If anyone can help I would be great full I am trying to find out also about a firm we think granddads drove a lorry for hennebiques mum remembers orange lorries or something ? Many thanks Tracy