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Posted: Sun 09 Jun, 2013 5:04 pm
by AnnieRoss
Looking for any info re relatives - not seen for decades- since 1970's.Area's of residence:CrossgatesHalton MoorHolbeck Hunslet (possibly)Grandparents were: Percy and Maude Ross, kendal Drive, Halton Moor. Both deceased now. Maude Ross died in Killingbeck hospital in her 60's. Also buried there. They had 9 children:Doris Ross - children - Sylvia.Christine Ross - children - Julie, Michael, and moreKathleen Ross - children - Albert, Catherine, Peter.John Ross - children - John (can't remember his sister's name) wife Hettie. (may be spelled differently). Jimmy RossTeddy Rossand more. . .

Posted: Thu 24 Oct, 2013 4:39 pm
by urban rambler
Perhaps a Cyril?

Re: Surname Ross - know anyone?

Posted: Tue 28 Jan, 2020 8:36 pm
by almadenmike
This is not directly relevant to the question, but here's a link to a 1930s genealogy of my Ross family, whose roots go back to the 1600s in Bramley (and Calverley, Farsley, Rodley et al): https://rossfamilyhistory.files.wordpre ... ealogy.pdf

It follows the family of John Ross, who left for America in the 1840s, after steam looms rendered his family's home-loom clothmaking business uneconomical. But I'm sure there would be quite a few Ross relatives still in the area (and elsewhere in England).

-- Mike Ross