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Does anyone know of an accident that happened in 1916 that had some kind of connection with the Barnbow train?I have a descendent, Alfred Thistleton, that was reportedly killed in the accident.

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Hi,There is a past thread about the Barnbow factory. Just type 'Barnbow' in the search on this siteI have had a look on Google and it is a fascinating topic. I never realised a shell filling factory was there at Barnbow and that 16,000 were employed, mostly women.There was a big explosion that killed 35 women, but on a first sweep I could not find anything about a train accident, although censorship was very strict at the time.Here are a couple of links anyway. Post up if you find any answers, although there will be people on here that may find the answer for you!http://www.barwickinelmethistoricalsoci ... lasses.htm
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