Mary Ann Daniel..wrong death certificate

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I thought I had his member of the Daniel family sorted...but today I received notification from GRO that my third application for a death certificate for Mary Ann daniel was still not the correct one!!!The first certificate I was so sure about, I paid the full £7 for the next two I included a reference check, so they only cost me £3 each. Mary Ann Daniel born 1830 Leeds maiden name Rinder.Married Robert Daniel in June 1849I have her in the 1851 and 1861 census, then can find no trace after that.One child Elizabeth lloyd Daniel born 18/05/1851 in PaddingtonIn 1851 Robert and Mary Ann are in Paddington LondonIn 1861 they are in Store Street Finsbury.In 1861 daughter Elizabeth is back in Leeds with Roberts sister Mary and she lived there until she married.So I think her mother Mary Ann died after 1861.So I am looking for a date of death for Mary Ann, these are the certificates I have sent for;Mile End 1c 364             1c 141St Giles    1b 263If it is any help Robert was declared bankrupt in 1863 and in 1871 was living in Stratford West Ham.His life after that is very complicated, he has another child Violet lloyd Daniel in 1864 and another Lily Clara Daniel in 1865 for which no birth registrations can be found. Extensive searches have been done to try to find any registration but there is nothing so this is the reason I am trying to find out when Mary Ann died, to determine if she is the mother of Violet and Lily.Robert then had 4 more daughters with Priscilla Albon but did not marry her until 1890 Why wait all that time!!!!If I can establish when Mary Ann died it would answer a lot of questions.Brenda

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Its one of those things im afraid,you get a dodgy ancestor who seems to act completely different to the norm.Perhaps he did not marry Priscilla until 1890because Mary Ann was still actually alive,thus preventing him from marriage,unless he was going to be a bigamist.
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Re: Mary Ann Daniel..wrong death certificate

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My dad is a Daniel from Leeds. He lived at 39 Broadlea Street in the 50s. His dad was Reginald Daniel and his mother was Mona Daniel (unsure of her maiden name).

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Re: Mary Ann Daniel..wrong death certificate

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Reginald born 1921
Married Mona McGill 1946
Had a son first qtr 1948-iinitial K

The website is still fairly new but still a work in progress.
I think volunteers do the input.
It is not sadly,100% accurate.
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Re: Mary Ann Daniel..wrong death certificate

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Are they connected with yorkshirebmd also with "hatches, matches and dispatches" digitalised by volunteers? That's 14 to 24 years between the first son and the dad of MamdThom if, as you say, the info is accurate.
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Re: Mary Ann Daniel..wrong death certificate

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It’s highly unlikely the original poster is still about after 14 years
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