Old Leeds & district Brewing Production Records

Old, disused, forgotten and converted pubs
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Old Leeds & district Brewing Production Records

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Hi All ,
Thanks for adding me to the group , I`m a brewer and brewing historian , currently researching and writing a book on old beers and brewing ;with quite a few recipies from old Yorkshire breweries !!, the book is mainly focused on the breweries of northern England.
I`m looking for any brewing information from former Leeds breweries and home brew pubs , eg Melbourne Brewery , and Samuel Ledgard; or any others that members may know of , as there aren`t any in publicly available archives or museum collections and ,having heard of Leodensian`s fond memories of Melbourne beers , i`d love to be able to include a few recipies in the book .
I hope some members may be able to help , and i`d be happy to share some Yorkshire recipies with any home brewers on the site ,
West Yorkshire Brewery Recipies ;
Tetley 1844 - 1916
Henry Bentley & Co , Eshaldwell Brewery , Woodlesford 1892 - 1894
Kirkstall Brewery ; 1885 , & 1951
North Yorkshire :
Charles Rose & Co 1895 - 1898

Sheffield :
Ward`s 1875 - 1884 , 1927 - 1950
Tennant Brothers : 1955 - 1960

Please feel free to get in touch if you can help , or if you just fancy chatting about old breweries and beers !!


Edd The Brew

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