Punchbowl Beeston, Leeds

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Punchbowl Beeston, Leeds

Post by lostlisa »

Does anyone remember this pub? It was on Town street near the White Hart. Trying to find out more about it. Also wanting photos of it if possible. Many thanks in advance

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Re: Punchbowl Beeston, Leeds

Post by Leodian »

Hi lostlisa and welcome to Secret Leeds :).

Knowing nothing about the Punchbowl (other than what can be found when doing a search of Secret Leeds) I cannot help you but I'm surprised that, so far, there have been no replies, as pubs (and their liquid contents ;) ) are a popular Secret Leeds topic. Perhaps those that can help have not yet seen your thread, so I hope someone will soon be able to help you.
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Re: Punchbowl Beeston, Leeds

Post by j.c.d. »

I remember the "Punch" very well although I am not sure that it was a Melbourne house. my brother and I used to use it and the big night was "Talent Night" on a Friday upstairs where all the local lads that fancied them selves as chanters used to assemble. Eileen Moss and her husband ran the pub for many years. don't think they had a music licence as the Fridays upstairs stopped suddenly. it was situated a couple of hundred yards from the White Hart pub on the same side. there is some info, as mentioned, on Leodis.

On reflection I am now pretty sure it was a Tetley's house

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Re: Punchbowl Beeston, Leeds

Post by snowman1 »

hi lostlisa
I was born in beeston and remember the punchbowl as a Melbourne house that changed to tetleys via the take over, sorry no photos.

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Re: Punchbowl Beeston, Leeds

Post by j.c.d. »

snowman1 wrote:hi lostlisa
I was born in beeston and remember the punchbowl as a Melbourne house that changed to tetleys via the take over, sorry no photos.
Quite correct. my confusion I realised was that as a lad I would go in a pub for the music and Tetley's houses, by and large, did not have entertainment. when I was a bit older Tetley's mild was my main attraction. lovely Pie and Pie shop next door to the "Punch" always frequented after a skinful. Happy days.

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Re: Punchbowl Beeston, Leeds

Post by HKMark »

Found this on a memories of Beeston Facebook page
punchbowl beeston.jpg
punchbowl beeston.jpg (110.92 KiB) Viewed 9054 times

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Re: Punchbowl Beeston, Leeds

Post by HKMark »

The fb comments

Vicky Stocks Lovely to see this my father in law used to go in regularly and we used to pop in occasionally before we married
12 May at 13:21 · Like

Brenda Blanchard What a lovely photo one I haven't seen before but remember so well can see Annie Woods shop and may even be my Grandad stood outside
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Karl Wheelhouse i remember bunking of school and going in here with dave hartley. happy days.
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Vivian O'Dowd spent most of the eary 70-'s in there, they used to have a waiter too! he wasn't a full shilling and when anyone put 'tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree' on the juke box he would dance around waving his lighter ha ha always a great crowd
12 May at 15:52 · Like · 1

Jacky Cross Was the only one I could go in as my dad didn't go in so could go in underage
12 May at 16:15 · Like · 2

Michael Newton fantastic photo,was the small white building a butchers shop seem to remember seeing tripe in the window?
12 May at 16:19 · Like · 2

Dave Brooke Like your suit raymondo ?
12 May at 16:27 · Like

Janet Goldstraw I used to listen to the piano and sing song as I was falling asleep in the 1950s. Wasn't there dancing upstairs on theweekend? The chemist and hairdresser (I had my first perm there -yuk!) were in between the pub and Annie Woods. Can't remember t...See More
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Brenda Blanchard Carlisles shop was it up the side of Annie Woods? on the left, I know there was a tripe shop up there because my Gran used to send me over from Silver Street Janet Goldstraw. Where the old paper shop is there was later a bakery and Beesleys Joiners
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Megan O'dowd Yes, he used to ask what colour crisps you wanted not what flavour cos hr couldn't read, also tony says je remembers you having ur 18th in there even tho you'd been going in for past few years lol
12 May at 18:20 · Like · 1

Roy Hodgy Hodgson My mother used to get her hair done at hairdressers in late 60s, was it Jean copley? I used to go and get a bottle of pop while she was under dryer, distant memory
12 May at 18:30 · Like · 3

Janet Goldstraw I used to get mine done at Jean Copley's too - wasn't it somewhere in the Cross Flats. Jean Sumner did it for me -10 shilllings for a shampoo and set, french pleat, lots of laquer and it would last till the next week, scratched any itches with my metal tail comb!!!! Used to sit myThoresby High School beret right on the back where it couldn't be seen.
12 May at 18:38 · Like · 2

Brenda Blanchard Janet Goldstraw the shop that was top of Town Street/Crow Nest Lane became a hairdressers, had mine done there late 50s/60s went to bed with a pair of nylon pants on head to keep my french pleat or bouffant in place until the next week grin emoticon
12 May at 18:52 · Like · 1

Susan Anne Lee had my first perm there
12 May at 19:00 · Like · 1

Sandy A Bellenie Was a barmaid at the Punchbowl, around the late 70's I think. Loved working there. Landlord was called Derek.
12 May at 19:23 · Like · 2

Roy Hodgy Hodgson Jean copley moved to cross flatts Grove I think, my mother followed her there too, then she got a small place off briggate around 80- 81ish I think
12 May at 19:55 · Like

Vivian O'Dowd I remember Derek miserable most of the time!!
12 May at 20:07 · Like

Janet Prince Viv your memory lol why were we in their at 15 omg miss spent youth lol
12 May at 20:41 · Like

Janet Prince The Buffalos used to meet upstairs,
12 May at 20:48 · Like

Vivian O'Dowd I never forget anything Janet!! don't know if that is good or not!! ha ha
12 May at 20:54 · Like

Vivian O'Dowd Hey Janet is that Bryn, Terry and Kevin stood outside!!
12 May at 20:55 · Like

Janet Prince Depends what you remember lol , it prob is them. actually I can't ever remember standing outside! And the White Heart was too posh for us . Older couples went in there at that time !!
12 May at 21:06 · Edited · Like

Paul Elvis Hine Great photo
12 May at 21:25 · Like

Brenda Blanchard Raymond Adamson where do these old photos come from please?
12 May at 21:38 · Like

Diane Foster Used to love it in there, most people were either under 18 or over 80. My Dad used to say they had nursery rhymes on the juke box.
12 May at 21:47 · Like · 2

Carol A Mejia My mum used to go to Jean Copley too. I bet most of the ladies in Beeston did.
13 May at 02:09 · Like · 2

Leon Chilton Great picture been waiting to see what it looked like
13 May at 14:37 · Like

Muriel Rogers Oh yes Janet Goldstraw the way we wore our berets with those French Pleats ! At least the badge was showing lol
13 May at 16:29 · Like · 1

Muriel Rogers Had my hair done for my wedding in 1973 at Jean Copleys down Cross Flatts Grove, her husband was hairdressing by then
13 May at 16:30 · Like

Janet Goldstraw My beret didn't show at all! Was one of those with a band round it. Think they made me a prefect in the Lower sixth to try and make me conform! In 1960s Dresses not to be above the knee and belts no wider than 4".
13 May at 17:27 · Like

Judith Crampton I remember a hair style that was like a birds nest with a hole in the middle on top and remember a girl called Christine and one night at a party we filled the nest with crisps ,must be confession time ,this was at a house behind Tommy Wass .
14 May at 17:50 · Like · 2

Daniel Stone Great picture. I don't remember it because I was only born in the 80's but I love anything to do with local history & would be interested to know whereabouts the building stood & if anyone knows the year? Thanks. Also thank you for creating this page & for those who have contributed to it, I have enjoyed reading the memories & comments.
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Brenda Blanchard The Punchbowl stood opposite the vicarage approx. on Beeston Town St Daniel Stone
17 May at 21:17 · Like · 1

Daniel Stone I always wondered what used to be there. Thank you Brenda.
18 May at 06:46 · Like

Andrew Oddy i remember playing in the derelict building before they knocked it down
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Re: Punchbowl Beeston, Leeds

Post by liits »

HKMark wrote:Found this on a memories of Beeston Facebook page
punchbowl beeston.jpg
In recent years the YEP have used a very poor copy of the same photo. Great to see a better copy. At least now it’s possible to be able to the name of the licensee as painted on the gable end wall.
J Broadbent- James , born about 1866, the fifth of nine children born to Mary Broadbent and Charles Squire Broadbent, a farmer at Beeston Royds.
The 1871 & 81 census record him living with his parents and siblings at the family farm [5 acres] in Beeston. His siblings are all employed on the farm.
He marries Fanny Brook [b.1867 Wortley] on 20th January 1884 at St John’s Church, Wortley. At the time of his marriage his occupation is recorded as Miner.
The 1891 census records him living at 8 Pickles Street, Wortley with his wife and their son and daughter. He is employed as a Cloth Packer.
On 6th December 1895 he becomes the Licensee of the Scotsman, Kirkgate / Call Lane, and stays until 16th June 1899.
He then moves to the Coach & Horses, Elland Road where he is recorded on the 1901 census with his wife, their children and a lodger. The lodger is Joshua Cawood who went on to become licensee of the Maltsters Arms Meadow Road. He stays at the Coach & Horses until 28th October 1904 when he moves on to the Punch Bowl, Beeston Road.
On 16th December 1904 he takes on the license of the Punchbowl which, at the time, was a freehouse.
He only stays at the Punchbowl for two years [8th June 1906] before moving on to the Beulah Inn on 7th March 1907 where he succeeds the license from his son Joseph Brook Broadbent.
He died on 27th May 1907 at Scalebor Park Hospital [a psychiatric hospital], Burley-in-Wharfdale. His estate of £7613 was left to his widow and son.
The license of the Beulah Inn then transfers to his wife, Fanny, until the 13th December that year when it transfers to James Arthur Broadbent. I’ve not been able to establish a family connection between James Arthur and either James or Joseph. Their names being the same may just be a coincidence although James Arthur was himself the son of a licensee, John Broadbent of the Masons Arms, Carlton Row, later of the Spotted Cow, Top Moor Side.

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Re: Punchbowl Beeston, Leeds

Post by j.c.d. »

About 1951 I was a kennel lad at the Elland Rd. greyhound track and every now and then my Boss used to give me 2/6d to get a bottle of "Curaco" liniment from the chemist at the side of the Punch. this was meant for humans but we had a couple of dogs that were "Special" and this lotion was rubbed into their joints the day before Race day. as I only got 25/- a week I did begrudge this a bit.
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Re: Punchbowl Beeston, Leeds

Post by tilly »

What a great thread not an area i went to in my younger days but not that far from my old school Bewerley Street.Brings back a lot of happy memory's.
No matter were i end my days im an Hunslet lad with Hunslet ways.

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