The Owl Inn - Rodley. Closing

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Heard a rumor of the Owl Inn closing it's doors, so went over to their website to find this; ... dley/Gonna have to find a new after-work boozer :-(

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Very sorry to hear this. They served lovely food and good beer and the staff were really friendly. I didn't go in very often, but it was the pub I would visit whenever in Rodley.

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We call in for a couple after work sometimes on the warmer days of summer, and it has been host for our Xmas do's for the past two years. Lovely beer and good cheer. Shame to see them go.

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Haven't been in for years and years. Back in the mid-80s Mrs JD used to own the sandwich shop at the front of Leesons Engineering just up the road. Lunches in The Owl were a real treat back then as they probably still are. So sad to see yet another victim of the single-minded, tunnel-visioned owners' policies. The industry is being killed off at an alarming rate.

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Get in the tardis. We're off to Manchester 1973

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Save The Owl Facebook group now has over 1000 members and plan of action to halt the evil empire of Enterprise Inns. is a pub which was literally dead when the current management took over. Its now a thriving community pub which raises thousands for charity each year via its Beer and Music festival. Enterprise Inns are doubling the rent, therefore forcing the Howard family out (and no doubt with some hidden agends behind that).Yet again a small family run business is being crushed by a faceless Corporate giant and will probably join the thousands of boarded up pubs. The difference is that in this case its a well run, well used establishment that would be making a profit if managed sensibly by the pub co.Please spread the word and join the facebook campaign and tweet #savetheowl.

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There is a Pub Review in the Evening Post today, comparing The Owl and The Roebuck in Otley. ... -1-5697543

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From the above link and so very trueFrom a wholesaler, a 22-gallon keg of the lager can be had for £185; Enterprise charges £311. Robbing back studs

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Bring back tied houses, we never had these problems when the likes of Tetley, Whitbread, Smiths ect owned their own pubs.

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