Valley Inn Drighlington - Lower Bar?

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Hi - Ive read a few accounts (some on here) of a lower bar that used to exist below ground level at the Sam Smiths Valley Inn Drighlington. Ill keep it short and simple Does anyone know - a) has anyone ever seen it ?b) when did it stop being used?c) Is it still there?d) I wondered if the Cellar was on the same level or even lower. e) Does anyone know where the entrance would have been inside? Im half thinking of having a chat with the landlord and seeing if he can show me the old bar if its still there. thanks for your time you legends - hope we can uncover something about the old bar CheersSteevo

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I think it was on a steep bit of land so that the back was a floor below the front.

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I think a chat with the landlord would be the best option, unless anyone on here can shed more light. Let us know how you get on.
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