Pubs closing NOW- in our time.

Old, disused, forgotten and converted pubs
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Re: Pubs closing NOW- in our time.

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The Duncan is advertising for a manager ... 5402587059

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Re: Pubs closing NOW- in our time.

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Sums up the place if the advert is ony on Gum Tree ;-)
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Re: Pubs closing NOW- in our time.

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53 days since the vacancy was advertised.
Sam Smith's are not someone I would like to work for
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Re: Pubs closing NOW- in our time.

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There is a pub called the Dyneley Arms at Pool in Wharfedale, near to Bramhope, on the Leeds to Otley road. It dates back to the early 1800’s. Decades ago (post war and afterwards), it was a great pub with good food, entertainment and dancing. It was on the Otley Road bus route from Leeds and was a very popular place to go at weekends. It has magnificent views over the Wharfe Valley and beyond towards Almscliffe Crag.

In 2002, there was a fire and the place was burnt down. It was empty for four years and was then rebuilt and extended, which must have cost millions of pounds. The pub re-opened a couple of years later, about 2008, and has struggled ever since and has had numerous managers. At the moment, it has been closed for several years and, I understand, the owners are unable to get anyone to manage it. The pub is a fine building on a busy crossroads but the site now appears to be derelict with metal railings surrounding the buildings and car parks.

I am surprised that the pub has not been made into a ‘motel type’ establishment, with accommodation, as it is only a couple of miles from Leeds/Bradford Airport and it would be ideal for travellers and air crew for overnight stays.

The pub is owned by Samuel Smith’s Brewery.

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Re: Pubs closing NOW- in our time.

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Topics which, while worthy of discussion elsewhere, have no place on a site devoted to Leeds and it's history.

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Re: Pubs closing NOW- in our time.

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Hello Primrose has Jim says we dont cover global topics on this site you are welcome to post on topics related to Leeds.
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Re: Pubs closing NOW- in our time.

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I think you'll find this is an automated spam post.


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Re: Pubs closing NOW- in our time.

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Just found this little gem of a forum and had many a smile remembering some of the pubs named on here. Mostly memories of my dad telling me about them :)

Regarding the Victoria Hotel. I remember going in there with friends in the mid 90s when I first started going out in Leeds. It soon became one of my fave places for a beer and a catch up. The Architecture was stunning and the atmosphere was great.

Thankfully the building is listed, as is O'Neills next door. I think renamed, but not been down into Leeds drinking for years!

I was speaking to an architect recently who said planning has gone in for both of them. So fingers crossed the listed status helps preserve them to some degree.

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Re: Pubs closing NOW- in our time.

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The Victoria (and the former O'Neills next door) go before planning today: ... s-23994693

I'm not the best at interpreting planning documents but on here ... T39JBLI000 there is a document "REV . PROPOSED SOUTH ELEVATION (GREAT GEORGE ST)" that show's how the fronts of the buildings should stay mostly the same, it's the addition of the large accomodation block that stands out.

They are at least keeping the ground floor of the Victoria as a drinking establisment, what that will look like inside though who knows!

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Re: Pubs closing NOW- in our time.

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A few years ago The Sun Inn in Hunslet closed down,some company started to put new tiles on the roof but for whatever reason it was abandoned and unused tiles were left on the roof,a new fence was put up to the side of it when it was open for business but some of it was pulled down by vandals when it shut down

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