History of the Royal Park Pub

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History of the Royal Park Pub

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Does anyone know much about the history of the Royal Park Pub? - I know it was used a regularly space for bands particularly down stairs in the cellar and previous in the upstairs,

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has any stories about the space.

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Re: History of the Royal Park Pub

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I don't know a huge amount about it, except that I played my first ever gig there back in 1991 (that was when the band room was still upstairs). 31 years on and I'm still gigging.

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Re: History of the Royal Park Pub

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I know that Wharton’s Hotel in the city centre closed in January 1932. Tetley’s who owned the hotel wished to transfer the license to new premises they were building in Queen’s Road, Hyde Park which was going to be The New Wharton’s Hotel but which actually opened as The Royal Park Hotel. Landlady Ella Smith moved with the license transfer after 16 years at Wharton's which had been connected with her family for forty years. Never been in so I don't know about the space inside.

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