Leeds lost pubs

Old, disused, forgotten and converted pubs
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Re: Leeds lost pubs

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If you have a smart phone (I don't) you could take a photo of it, and then send the image

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Re: Leeds lost pubs

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Thanks Warrington Rhino for the suggestion but I suspect from the wording Jack already has an image. As Leodian regularly proves the size of the subject isn't the problem it is the files size of the scanned image. Jack if you can save it as a less memory hungry file type. Not an expert in the field but GIF and PNG tend to be smaller than JPG/JPEG.
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Re: Leeds lost pubs

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One relatively easy way to reduce the size of an image file in Windows is to edit it in MS Paint. This program is bundled with the various versions of Windows, although I think in Windows 10 you have to dig for it as it's not highlighted.

Opening a file in Paint offers a load of options including "Resize." A bit of trial and error over %age reductions has always worked for me. I say "relatively easy" but I speak as a numpty in computer terms who can follow clear instructions - not always a strongpoint of computer geeks who sometimes tend to think that confusing others with jargon is clever.

One point to remember is to save your reduced-size file with a new name, ie SAVE AS, retaining your original file in case your shrunken version is a failure.

PS I've found these instructions on resizing an image with Paint:

https://www.wikihow.com/Resize-an-Image ... soft-Paint

PPS I've found this about finding MS Paint


As it says in that link "Some of the most basic programs can be the trickiest to find, and Microsoft Paint is no exception."

I do hope this helps. It's meant for people like me, not for those with brains like the Mekon.
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Re: Leeds lost pubs

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In regard to reducing the file size of images I use the free Paint.net. The images I take on my simple compact camera are usually around 3MB in size but as that is too large a file to attach to Secret Leeds posts I reduce them to around 1.4 MB but, as jma states, it is important to use 'Save As' and give the reduced image a new name as otherwise the original image will be lost! Oddly, when I copy an original image using Paint Net it is always reported as being a very much larger file size than what the image is stated to be on my camera!
PS. Talking of lost pubs as a child in the 1940s/1950s growing up in Osmondthorpe the nearest pub was the Shaftesbury but I never went in even when I was a legal age to drink beer. I do though recall as a child being outside having a lemonade or similar, served if I recall right, from a serving hatch in the pub wall. When a child I did though occasionally go into the nearby Osmondthorpe Working Mens Club and had soft drinks while the adults drank the strong stuff!
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Re: Leeds lost pubs

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hi all
hope you are all safe and well.
i understand that the staging post on stanks drive is being demolished,yet another one bites the dust.

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Re: Leeds lost pubs

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It was in Holbeck "The Wheatsheaf" in \Meynell Street where i was allowed in at the age of 17 I am now close to 85 but still recall the happy days in there.

Never went in the "Squinting Cat" but guess it will be long gone

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Re: Leeds lost pubs

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hi jack
the squinting cat is long gone,there is a small block of apartments on that site.
on a brighter note the new wetherspoon in cross gates the(charles henry roe) is due to open (i hope) on the 28th of july.

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