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Big N, also, to find the actual hill. Follow the red line from the entrance, near Wickes. After several hundred yards the path will open up in to a big open space. Keep to the lower paths, closest to the stream / beck. After another few hundred yards the path will again open up into a big clearing. The hill itself is to your left hand side of the clearing. Heavily overgrown these days, but stilll frightening, especially if you walk up the bloody thing!
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Walk? Go up it on a motorbike!

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Cheers Guys - I know exactly where it is now, and thanks for the link Si.

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Hi Big N. Bit late now but yes I meant on your right. Must have been having a blonde moment. Which is very odd as I'm not blonde

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i love post hill. when i was younger we used to go tadpoling and stickleback fishing on the beck then see who would get to the top of roman hill first.i once remembered wanting to sledge down it when we had snow i chickend out half way ( maybe a bit lower down) and sledge from there.. was a great thrill.. its a pity they knocked harrisons down and built houses though.

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Just browsing around, as I'm stuck in, & ended up re-reading this thread.In the early 90's, I used to do Mountain Bike Racing, & the 'Yorkshire Mountain Bike Club' got permission to hold a couple of races at Post Hill(nowdays, I just race Cyclo-Cross & do some running)I was one of the few who went on prior occasions to try & sort a route out.We eventually ended up 'slaloming' our way up the field & through the woods towards the top.Then we gave everybody sore legs by making them run/walk/stagger whilst carrying their bikes up the last 30 yards or so of the Hill.Which took some doing!!!Of course there were the odd few nutters who tried to ride all the way down.......................................... who usually failed abysmally & valiantly proved the old saying of '@rse over tit'The more stupid ones even tried to ride up! (& ended up falling off)I've got a load of prints somewhere that show the races in progression (including views from the top & bottom)    

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billy the buffalo wrote: I have just put a link to the Pathe news site and i did notice that it did have a film from Post Hill in the early part of the last century     WOW that pathe site is ace, put Leeds into the search bar and there's loads of little pathe films from times gone by.
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Hi Mick i dont know how long ago you last saw it but the trees on either side have closed in a lot in a few years it will be all woodland.
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Your spot on Mick but then its like that in most places, well its my birthday today made it to seventy eight and never been kissed sorry meant to say kicked.Ha Ha all the best Sid.
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Have a good one Sid!

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