The great sledging hills of Leeds

The green spaces and places of Leeds
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Postby Squatch_11 » Mon 14 Jan, 2008 10:22 am

As mentioned on the Post Hill thread, Post Hill for me in Farnley. The hill from the playing fields on Butt Lane would've been good if it weren't for Tong Road running along the bottom!
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Postby Si » Mon 14 Jan, 2008 11:40 am

We used to sledge at Fulneck Golf Club in the 60s. One year my dad somehow got hold of some ancient wooden skis. Knowing nothing about skiing (especially stopping) he strapped them to his boots and we pushed him down the hill. Ended up in the beck.
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Postby stodge. » Mon 14 Jan, 2008 2:17 pm

we used to go to Gledhow Valley Woods, the clearing in front of the lake, it doesn't seem that long now, but you got some right speed up. lost a couple o plastic sledges to that lake.The other is Chaple Allerton Park. You could start where the air raid shelter is. just about make it over the next brow then off down to Gledhow Valley Road. It wasn't till later that the council put a fence at the bottom right at head height. Brilliant
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Postby LeeRatbag » Mon 14 Jan, 2008 3:10 pm

There's a massive long steep hill in Rothwell park that we used to use. Mind, that's 30 years or so ago now - we never get any proper snow these days. We also found that the best thing to do it on was those barriers the gas board used to put around road works...

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Postby Brandy » Mon 14 Jan, 2008 4:52 pm

SNOW IN LEEDS what a lovely distant memory that is all we seem to get these days is that horrible slushy stuff now follow this link thats what you call snow for the sledging tempsy gets my vote hands down.    
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Re: The great sledging hills of Leeds

Postby volvojack » Tue 19 Jul, 2016 8:24 pm

This brings back memories of 70 years ago. Hill 60 was reputed to be the best but if you did not live in the Roundhay area pulling your sledge / board was out of the question. most kids stayed local, we lived on the
Gipton Estate so came down Gipton Approach round into Brander Road and then down across South Farm Road
No problem with traffic back then. I stayed out until late, up and down and got home soaking wet. My Mother was putting rolled up paper in my new boots when she suddenly hit the rooof. I had worn a hole in the toe of one "Steering" and that was sledging off the menu for a while. Happy Days.
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Re: The great sledging hills of Leeds

Postby Leodian » Tue 19 Jul, 2016 8:48 pm

As a child in the late 1940s to early 1950s it was great fun sledging down what seemed a tall hill then that was a slag heap for an old pit. The end of the run down was where you met a path that came from Osmondthorpe Lane to near where it was just about to go under the railway line. The fun was stopping before you crashed onto the path! Probably not one of the great sledging hills but still good enough for fun :).
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Re: The great sledging hills of Leeds

Postby sparky415 » Tue 19 Jul, 2016 10:33 pm

'killer hill' at carnegie college....also the slope of grass near clayton heights block of flats...
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Re: The great sledging hills of Leeds

Postby blackprince » Wed 20 Jul, 2016 7:24 pm

sparky415 wrote:'killer hill' at carnegie college....also the slope of grass near clayton heights block of flats...
Trying to cool off by thinking about sledging on the hottest day of the year (so far).
I remember watching students from the college skiing down a hill viewed from my uncle's house in Spen Lane ( winter 1959). Could this be the killer hill you mention? I had never seen skiing before except at the cinema.
The hills I sledged on in the late 50's to mid 60's Have already been mentioned. Roundhay park and Bramley Park. There were some other good slopes at Roundhay not just Hill 60.
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