Playtime at the quarry.

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Playtime at the quarry.

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I wonder if anyone remembers the quarry a few hundred yards behind "The Myrtle Tavern"on Parkside Road(Meanwood),you had to walk along a path which had Meanwwod Cricket Club to your right and Sykes Farm to your left,we as kids spent many hours in the sixties/seventies playing there,skimming this and throwing that.

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Playtime at the quarry.

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Pick a quarry time
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Re: Playtime at the quarry.

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Wow at least 5 surrounding or not far from Myrtle Square. The cricket field is roughly where FP and Road in Parkside Road are so I'd guess the OP is referring to the only named, Meanwood, quarry which appears to be disused already on the map.
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Re: Playtime at the quarry.

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I remember going tadpole fishing down at the beck with my brother there!

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