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Re: Gibbet or Hanging in Chains

Posted: Tue 10 Apr, 2018 4:42 pm
by tyke bhoy
Uncle Micks third post includes in the newspaper "Rode to the Moor" in the context of someone attending the execution. I would suggest Moor and Green are synonymous and as such interchangeable.

Re: Gibbet or Hanging in Chains

Posted: Mon 25 Mar, 2019 10:49 pm
by jihfadiuh
just came across this via: ... g_djvu.txt


CHARLES IL— BEB paok 18a

A horrible fact has been related to the writer relative to the exeeution of this
Holroyd : he was not gibbetted after he had been hanged, but he was suspended
from the gibbet in such a manner as long to retain life. The unhiq»py wretch is
said to have lived nine days after his suspension ; he mangled his shoulders witii

Then the writing becomes indecipherable, don't suppose anyone can work it out??

hi» tecdk ra the ageoiw <yf liis deipiir; hur «btadfel ciAm vummA tlM cdiiMs ef tlM
nei^lMiirlMod, sad filled the infaabitaats yniik honor ; Mid m^ wm tlM: offiect
piadQced upon, the people by tbe eueimitaittcCr tliat tlKf petftiDveA g»ToniiMeiit
dnt no more SRwk exfaibitiiNift of cruelty migbt! ev«r agaa be mftdR It is trtR* tbat
tUi nnsdw t» manly- tntdkuoaai]^ but f»om ^ Quarter "by nviuck H laa' been, const.
anascaMd to. the autbar, ho has no doubt that it is fbnaded ori trtitlii

Answer diignstin|r exempliftcstabn of l9io manner in wbick execntioas were pev^
ftraediiii daaafe^ wss aflbrded oki Chapel Tawn Moor at the death of iks dkree
iBSB who wefe there eseeutod on aceount of their riuiro in the Famley Wood Plot.
Ana man were i^pfeheftde^ in the Willow Troe pabUe hoane, hew tiie old eh«reh,
in I^eda. Oaa of Aem waa said to have boea iimocent of any* pastieipadfln is tbe
•SDifirairy, and to have been only in casoal iatercoarso wi^ tha restL After Idia
OBDRotioBy the hoflitt of those men were tsken from' their bodies and thrown inta
the ftaass ; and it is stffi reeoided in l3ie noighbonrhood as a tradftiott, that tiva
haait of the innooeail anm would not bam, bat resisted eomptetoty the aetiav

Re: Gibbet or Hanging in Chains

Posted: Tue 26 Mar, 2019 12:14 am
by Leodian
Hi jihfadiuh :).

I've managed to get this which is a bit more readable so I hope it will help.
Holroyd execution..jpg
Holroyd execution..jpg (163.17 KiB) Viewed 5952 times

Re: Gibbet or Hanging in Chains

Posted: Thu 04 Apr, 2019 7:20 am
by jihfadiuh
That's brilliant, thank you very much Leodian

Re: Gibbet or Hanging in Chains

Posted: Fri 05 Apr, 2019 1:25 pm
by Leodian
jihfadiuh wrote:That's brilliant, thank you very much Leodian
Cheers jihfadiuh :).

I wonder if "it is still recorded in the neighbourhood as a tradition, that the heart of the innocent man would not burn, but resisted completely the actions of the fire".