Woodhouse Feast / Armley Feast etc.

The green spaces and places of Leeds
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Sod it! think I'll go to Hunslet in future!
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I met my first true love at Kirkstall Feast, in 1971. Diane Oxley. Aaah sweet memories!!
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arry awk wrote: Burgered that one up! Clicked on wrong pic!Wood'us Feast agen(Hope! And woodhouse Feast is there right now, much smaller than in your picture arry and smaller than I remember but many more bright coloured lights.

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hi im at woodhouse fair right now with my fairground helterskelter business has been a bit slow due to it been very cold but we have a high standard off rides here so why dont you all come down and have a go

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I used to get taken to Woodhouse Feast as a kid in the 70's and all that stands out for me is the smell! Diesel, fried onions, candy floss, burgers and hotdogs! Ooh, you can't beat it can you? Feasts just aren't the same any more! Took my Godson to one, not in Leeds, a few years back. Did the hook a duck for him and the lad behind the counter was running 3 stalls. He went off and I hooked 3 ducks. When he came back, I told him I'd got the 3 and his response was "Whoopy effing doo"!!!! It soured it slightly for me, but my Godson was delighted with his teddy! You wouldn't have got that attitude in the 70's, would you?!!!

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Leeds Lass wrote: I used to get taken to Woodhouse Feast as a kid in the 70's and all that stands out for me is the smell! Diesel, fried onions, candy floss, burgers and hotdogs! And stalls selling Wright's Brandy Snap, and fried new potatoes (chats?) and the sound - you could hear Morley Feast from Morley Town Hall if the wind was in the right direction. When I worked for Newboulds if the Feast was in the town whose route I was on we'd deliver trays of bridge rolls for the hotdogs and teacakes (breadcakes? baps? buns?) for the hamburgers.
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we used to go to bramley feast opp gamecock inn on pudsey road /butt lane before macdonalds got built there. anybody remember that one.

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i think i remember where the holbeck feast was in the 70s when i was nipper it was on five lanes end near the holbeck washhouse where st lukes school is today n bowling greens

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I remember Pudsey Feast. I think that land is now built on, also.

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First i would like to say what a great site this is not been on the web very long i spent a fair bit of time reading what every one had to say and chomping at the bit to join in.Well here i am i do not know about problems in the past but it would be a great shame if the site closed down.I for one have had a great time re living the past.to the guys who run this site can i say well done.Look after your rice bowl.    

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