Temple Newsam Park

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Re: Temple Newsam Park

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Finally the comments on the Temple Newsam Golf Club Facebook page confirm that there were square ponds at the rear of the house, and I wasn't imagining it neither.

https://www.facebook.com/templenewsamgo ... 80/?type=3

"Richard Towse
I remember in the 1980’s when it had four ponds, the large round one that is pictured and three square, which had stepping stones and joined together, but on slightly different levels. It was directly behind the house."
Is this the end of the story ...or the beginning of a legend?

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Re: Temple Newsam Park

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In regard to Lawn Pond that has been mentioned in this thread several memory jogging photos of the pond in the Leodis website will be brought up when searching under 'Lawn Pond'. :)
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