Jack Lane in Hunslet

The origins and history of placenames, nicknames, local slang, etc.
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could anyone help give me information to share with my local history class about the name Jack Lane who was it named after or what.Hoping you will be able to help.

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I hate to put a dampener on things - and I do hope somebody can help. but I think its a bit of a long shot. Jack Lane is of very long standing (its on the original Leeds O.S.Map of 1854 and presumably is much older). While its obvious where some street names of very long standing come from (such as Briggate or Kirkgate) this is not obvious. It might be named after someone, but perhaps not - my dictionary lists 20 meanings of the word 'Jack'(18 nouns, 2 verbs) and when you add in the possibility of old dialect words or that it might be a corruption of an older different name you see the difficulty of the problem.
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Re: Jack Lane in Hunslet

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Hope people don't mind me popping in and adding to very old posts which were well before my time.

Can't add anything about the origin of Jack Lane but always liked the way it snakes through Hunslet and onto Holbeck, think it stops at Ninevah Bridge . There was the Queens Cinema on it which had been a Theatre so had posts which obscured your view if you were unlucky enough to sit behind. farther on was the Parkfield Tetley's pub with it's Potts clock. On past Sultzers works to Leek Street Flats (where I dallied quite some hours) though the flats are long gone there are still some ex corporation terrace houses standing. don't know if it still goes any more on into Hunslet.

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