Where is/was the exact location of Black Road and Red Road East Leeds?

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Leodian wrote: Aerial photos like that posted by Phill are fascinating.I'm fairly sure the building in the centre is the Bridgefield Hotel/Pub. I wonder if anyone knows what the white building is a little right and down from the Bridgefield? Also, what is the intriguing looking building right of centre on the bottom that looks as if not all is showing and seems to have some possibly related features to its left and right?As a kid in the early 1950s I used to play on Black Road and Red Road but that's about all I now recall of them! Leo - I think the white building would be the aforementioned Neville Cottage http://tinyurl.com/ng629um

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Hi Leo.Do you mean the East Leeds Cricket Club pavilion with seat benches next to it at the bottom of the photo?    
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Thanks uncle mick and Phill. Ah yes, a cricket club. I can just recall one there (well it was a long time back ).
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The white cottage to the right of the Bridgefield was the Gatekeepers cottage at the top of Red Road.The gates are still there but sadly the cottage was demolished in the 1980's, hope this helps, somebody else might know different, but that's my recollection. The Cricket Club Pavillion is still there as mentioned by the other person who posted here. Good team East Leeds Cricket Club.

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This is a scary story supposed true, told by a school friend whose Aunty Mary who was a Medium and lived down Black Road/Knostrope area on a small farm surrounded by fields etc in the 1940's - 1959 era.Her Husband went for drink each and every night at about 8pm to The Brigdgefield pub, he always rode his bike there and back. The pubs closed at 10 o'clock then. He was always home by 10.15pm.For several nights on the trot, there appeared to be a figure outside the window of the farmhouse, which was throwing a shadow similar to that of a man in a cloak with trilby hat inside the front room. Mary had mentioned this to her husband, who laughed, but as she requested, he chopped down the hedges outside to below waist height to stop the shadow appearing as he firmly believed that what she was seeing was merely the bushes outside swaying in the wind. This did not cure the what looked like, "The Sandeman Port bottle man figure" from appearing though the curtains even when the curtains were drawn, the lighting was changed in the room too so this wasn't the culprit either.One night the figure just did not appear, and it never appeared, but neither did her husband, he wasn't home at 10.15pm as usual.Later that night there was a knock on the door, it was the local bobby. Her husband was in hospital, his bike had been stolen and he had been bashed over the head by his assailant. When the police asked for a description of the man who attacked him, he described the Sandemans Port man. He survived but - His attacker was never found.Just thought I'd add this as there are many scary stories from around that area.

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Re: Where is/was the exact location of Black Road and Red Road East Leeds?

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Around this time of writing this post back in 2013 a chap called Pete Wood got in touch with me as he was brought up in the area in the 40s, the same time as my dad, he attended 'old fogay's reunions' every November. He also writes blogs on east leeds. I have recently tried to get in touch with him but had no reply. Was wondering if he still writes on here? I believe he lives in Woodlesford nowadays

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