haunted address

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haunted address

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Hi i definitely know that 17 east grange garth belle isle leeds is or was haunted back in the mid 1980's!

My aunty and her partner lived there.They were offered the house from the council.When my aunty moved in there must have been foul play going on with ouija boards.In the smallest bedroom there was crosses drawn on the walls and there was a bible with the lords prayer written backwards at the back of the book in a cupboard in the smallest bedroom.

My aunty started getting experiences of loud banging on the door only to find know one was there and i can vouch for this as i was 13 yrs old and i was there one night with my mum and we was in the sitting room with my aunty and her partner and there was a massive loud bang bang bang on the door.It was very frightening at that time because my aunty told of when she slept upstairs in the main big bedroom facing the front she would wake up feeling that someone was pulling the covers off her! She also said her partner was asleep in the bedroom and he heard someone come thumping up the stairs clapping there hands shouting "Come on,Get up" He thought it was my cousin who visited his mum and there was no one there at all!

Eventually my aunty and her partner stopped sleeping upstairs and slept downstairs in the sitting room! They had a big dog that had to be locked in the kitchen all the time as it was so scared of the place and literally used to shake and bark crazy!
My mum once walked up the stairs only to feel two cold hands grab her ankles and her skirt blew upwards! My aunty started to see a youngish man with blondish hair constantly peering at her through the banister going up the stairs.

I was there one night with my mum and aunty and her partner and there was cold spots in the house and as we was talking about what was happening my aunties partner became very still on the couch as though he was in a trance so my mum took off her St Christopher to put round his neck and i saw this with my very eyes,The St Christopher just popped off the chain as she was putting it round his neck.The silver loop with the St Christopher was on had not been damaged and there was no way it could come off the chain.As the night went on and my aunties partner would not snap out of it we had to call an ambulance and when they came my mum told them about the house and on the sheet they put possessed! He was admitted to High Royds in Menston.He was there for 2 weeks and if he had not snapped out of it they where ready to administer drugs in to him and it took my mum to get him to snap out of it and he did not even remember a thing from that night!

We had the vicar in the area to visit the house on 3 or more occasions! By this time i was not allowed to go in the house because the vicar asked how old i was and i was 13 at the time and age of puberty so i was banned from going there!

My mum and i once called off for my mum to go see my aunty and as we was standing outside the house my mum was knocking on the door and it appeared nobody was in so my mum kept knocking until i looked up at the front bedroom window and i literally saw a tall woman with long blonde hair and she slowly moved the curtain close as she was looking at us and i shouted to my mum Shes there meaning my aunty was in but there was no answer then as we was going back to the car my aunty was walking in to the grange with 2 shopping bags as she had been out shopping! We both explained that a tall blonde woman was at the bedroom window and as this woman was looking at us she slowly let go off the net curtain and it fell closed very slowly and i was 13yrs old that saw this!!

It turned out from the neighbors next door that many people had lived in the house and moved out as quick as they moved in! There was constant problems from the tenants and complaints.

The neighbor knew all about the house and they even told my mum and aunty that there was a family of 3 kids and a woman that perished in the house by fire! Also underneath those houses was mines and that area a mine collapsed and men were killed?

This is what i remember from when i was 13yrs old in the 1980's and i am now 45yrs old 2016 and i have made 1 trip to the address/area back in 2008 and sat in the car a few yards from the house and there was a nice family living there and the area was done up by the council over the years where all the grass verges had been paved and i just sat for a few minutes looking at the house and the bedroom window remembering what i saw at 13yrs old and what happened in the house at that time!

My aunty made numerous complaints to the council and wanted a move! She told the council what was happening and they dis-believed her but fortunately she got her move and she never looked back!

This is the gospel truth what i say and i have never ever forgotten about that address!

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Re: haunted address

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That's an interesting account, thanks for posting it.
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Re: haunted address

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always interested to hear about accounts or places.Thanks for posting.
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