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Many years ago at a mates house his sisters used to mess about with the Ouija board.Their dad committed suicide (hanged himself) a couple of years previous.They asked me and my mate if we wanted to join in,no chance we both said it's a load of B******S don't believe in it.They had a piano under the stairs,they also had a massive black Labrador called Sheba (pretty harmless as labradors are normally just giddy playful dogs)but he was old.                                             Come on join in they insisted,we are going to try and contact our dad, no thanks we said.                                             Tell you what contact your Dad and ask him to play one note on the piano and we'll consider the possibiltiy of whether the workings Ouija board has any foundation                                             Ok we'll try they said,the room was very quiet,the dog was fast asleep,me and my mate were smirking almost giggling.After 5 minutes of deadly silence I couldn't contain myself and started singing softly I HEAR MUSIC BUT THERE'S NO ONETHERE it was as if time stood still                                                The dog lifted his big black head glared at me and my mate it's eyes seemed to be red it's mouth curled back showing a massive set of huge teeth and saliva frothing,drooling and reached up onto it's haunches ready to pounce at us,we both made a dash for a built in cupboard in the corner of the room the dog hot on our tails growling fiercely.                                                 We made it just,the dog actually banged into the door as we slammed it shut,it took the two sisters and my mate almost 10 minutes to get the dog out of the room so we could come out,we were both terrified as were my mate and his sisters,they had never witnessed anything like it before.                                                 That was the last time they ever messed about with the Ouija board and they admitted that when they used to get it out before they never really believed in it and used to push the glass themselves for a bit of fun.                                                 The dog never bothered us when we eventually got the nerve to visit again.                                                 Incidentally the house where they lived was at the bottom of Theaker Lane, Armley and was built on an old burial ground opposite Eyres Mill Side,I actually remember seeing the recovery from the graves before they were moved elsewhere around 1964/65                                                 A true story makes you think don't it.                                                                            
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Steve Jones wrote: Well this happened in Wakefield so I hope you excuse my telling it here.We had a murder take place on balne lane next The Cliff Tree pub where the victim had been made to ewear a pair of second hand shoes. The police looked for a shoe fetishist and questioned everyone around. I had a police woman come out to my house as I had visited the main library on the day in question which is just up the road.I didn't see anything took the police years to catch him but they finally did. by this time I was sitting as a magistrate and who should appear before me as the subject of a bail hearing but the alleged muderer! we refused him bail and he was subsequently convicted. Well done Steve.
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Remember my mum once telling me a story once that when she was younger (about 20-25) and it was something to do with her younger brother having a big fallout with his stepdad (my grandad) and got kicked out of the house. He came round to my mums house and told her the story of what happened and said he wanted to ask his real dad what he should do. His dad had died though just after he had been born and when my mum was a couple of years old. He wanted to use a ouija board to contact him. So a few of them tried it and the oiuja board started responding and answering the questions that they were saying. All of them were absoluteley terriefied because and the 4 people that were there swore they hadn't moved it or been messing around. She wouldn't tell me what was said on the board but they got rid of the boad straight after and my mum said she was that scared she wouldn't use one again

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A bit late but I'm new to the forum...CrazyJane - I lived in Ashville Grove (off Cardigan Road, railway at other end) when Leanne Tiernan went missing in November(ish) 2000. From what I understand the girl who was murdered in 1996 was dumped and set alight on the embankment at the bottom of the street, or near enough.About 2 weeks after Leanne's disappearance our side of the street (evens) were all visited by the police and questioned in quite a lot of detail about the day she went missing, where we were, had we seen various things, and some clothing was taken from a house further down the street. They said they had reason to believe Leanne was/had been in the area, which seemed odd as she was last seen in Bramley and I don't think she had any connection to the Burley Park area. It was our next-door neighbours who had been there years and suggested it would have been linked to the other murder - think that's still unsolved? It was a horrible experience, I had nightmares about Leanne being in our cellar/outhouse (the house was rented and the outhouse was locked up). I also remember Sarah Harper going missing, my dad was stopped at roadblocks on his way home from work to give an alibi.

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electricaldave wrote: In the meantime the Hells Angels murders on the brickfields came to light and various individuals were sent down for them. what happened there? i find this interesting because im from the garforth area.

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Yorkshire Pud wrote: I was looking through a book about Leeds recently (Leeds, A Miscellany) and it mentions something about an old folklore belief which says, "An old folklore belief in the Leeds area was that the souls of babies who had died before they were baptised would return to haunt their parents, in the shape of devil dogs known as Gabble Retchets" Is this another name for these Black Dogs that you mention? Gabble Retchets is a contraction of Gabriel's Ratchets, a common name for black dogs in the north. They would also be known as Gabriel Hounds.Their legend is a Christianised variant of the Norse Wild Hunt and as such is known by different names across the western world.Individual black dogs are clearly related and are common to European mythology but seem to have a more ghostly origin. Somehow an encounter on Brownberrie Lane doesn't seem surprising for its location next to Scotland and Yeadon Moor and it would be interesting to see if there were other stories from the same area.

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The gabble ratchets as has been said are a contraction. Virtually every county has a version of the Wild Hunt. A group who hunt down lost souls and unbaptised babies. This is the West yorkshire version. The noise has been assumed to have been the cries of geese as in winter canada and other geese flying by night can sound very eerie.
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Don't know if this actually qualifies as a gruesome tale, but looking through the good old annals for interesting occurrences I found that on this date (4 Nov) in 1867 a 'shocking occurrence' took place in Leeds. It seems that a policeman called Thomas Holt who lived on Kirkstall Road 'was in the habit' of beating his wife. She died and he committed suicide by cutting his throat. On 4 Nov 1874 a boiler exploded in a timber merchants in Skinner Lane and was thrown over several houses, some in Dolly Lane and some in Benson Street. The engineman was killed and two workmen seriously injured.

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My mum's family came from Ryther/Cawood, and when George Oldfield - the copper originally in charge of the Ripper investigation - came on TV, my great aunty said told us she remembered holding him in her arms when he was a baby in Cawood!

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I was once 'a person of interest' in a murder investigation.    I was out clubbing and walked home about the time an old lady around the corner was murdered. Turned out she had been on my paper round when i was a kid so not only was I around but i 'knew the property'! They got someone else a few days later.A couple of years later an man was beaten to death at 5pm just over the bridge from the rugby ground. Later the police turned up on my doorstep as I was again 'of interest' as this had happened on my old paper round. Fortunately I had an alibi. As far as I know no-one ever got caught for this.Moral of the story - paper boys are dodgy.

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