Ringing the bell constantly on the bus.

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First of all apologies about this topic as Iam talking about a place a few miles outside of Leeds but I want to know if anyone can relate to this story or have had a similar experience to this in Leeds.I was having a chat with my friend last night and he works for Stagecoach bus company as a driver. He told me about an experience which has occured on 4 or 5 seperate occasions to him in Upton just outside Pontefract where there has been no one on the bus and the bell just randomly goes off maybe 10 times in staggared intervals, even when the bus is stationary. He told me it has been brought up with other drivers in the past. There is no explanation to it but it does sound spooky. My friend is not one to make something like that up, he did also say that the road in the estate is pretty rough with a few speed bumps but I cant see something like that triggering the bell off even at standstill. Its not just one bus either, this is on different stagecoach buses. Like I say it only happens on odd occasions in upton.

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First of all apologies I am a wee bit out of area about 13K miles but First & Stagecoach are nothing to my recent experiences . A couple of people boarded the bus with pushchairs and while they were trying to squeeze them in the driver had a look to see what was happening and said to a passenger with 2 large suitcases " are you still on this bus " , " you were going to tell me where my stop was " , " I cant do 2 things at once get off at the next stop cross over the road and wait for another bus " was the abrupt reply . This person had just landed in this country boarded a bus into town and was in the company of this pratt . The next lady to get off the bus told the driver in no uncertain terms he was completely out of order and the most ignorant man .On our return journey we boarded the same bus I said to my friends the bus didn't seem to have any entertainment must be only on certain journeys , wrong! .2 young lads of probably Indian origin got on and gave the driver $50 for 2 fares , "whats wrong no shops in Woolston open today , well don't worry you will have plenty of change when you get off my bus " of course they didnt know what he was on about and just took their change .Then a couple at a bus stop with pushchair and a couple of children had the misfortune to get on this bus , but first they had to walk 20-30 yards up the road to where the bus had actually stopped , "why don't you stop at the bus stop " she casually asked , " can't you see the double yellow lines you don't park on them or don't you know the road rules " said our friendly driver . I fully expected the driver to get one on the nose from this ladys partner who was a rather large Maori gentleman with plenty of Moku . No more action on the bus until we got to the place where the drivers change over , after some banter with a couple of people he evidently knew he came out with this gem " why are there so many idiots in this World and most of them seem to be riding buses in Christchurch today " . The next Passenger to get off told our new driver about her ignorant and abusive bus driver friend and what he had been doing etc .On another bus the bell rang at nearly every stop anyhow when it rang and nobody got off the lady (female) driver turned round "who rang that bell and who is getting off " no answer , "if that bell rings again I'll take you all to the terminus and drop you there you can walk where you are going . Another experience a few years ago in this lovely country but a different city the bell went on the bus but nobody got off " who rang that bell and who is getting off " no answer from the Kids at the back , "this bus isn't moving till somebody gets off " and promptly turned the engine off , after 3-5 minutes all these kids piled off the bus and disappeared up the road , Brrrr Brrrr Brrrr Brrr the bloody bus wouldn't start would it , gradually flattening the battery he radioed the depot after some minutes we got the engine going went up the road turned left stopped at the first bus stop to allow all these kids who had got off back on .A friend of mine from here spent some time driving buses in Milton Keynes and used to relate the tales of a bus driver to us . One day a well dressed and well spoken lady asked "excuse me driver how long will the next bus be " , "about 40 foot same as this one was his reply " , " and will it have a Sh-thouse at the front like this one " was her response .So next time you get on a bus say hello driver and smile cos you won't get any entertainment like I'm getting I wish I wasn't going home so soon .

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Thanks for 2 interesting posts.The second though slightly off topic had me laughing out loud<LOL>.I was told about 10 years ago that one of the Wakefield buses was haunted by a middle aged woman only seen through the drivers camera as sitting at the front of the bus on the top deck looking very miserable.Nobody though could tell me which bus it was or even which route which was frustrating.
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Re: Ringing the bell constantly on the bus.

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Re: Ringing the bell constantly on the bus.

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SpiritBoxAlan wrote:Spirits are all around us but it still takes them a lot of energy to press a button.

Not if you are an Inspectre. Ow....

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Re: Ringing the bell constantly on the bus.

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j.c.d. wrote:
SpiritBoxAlan wrote:Spirits are all around us but it still takes them a lot of energy to press a button.

Not if you are an Inspectre. Ow....
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