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Hauntings, spectres and other supernatural tales
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Hi all,I was just wondering if anybody kew of any hanuted places in Leeds at all? I know of 2, Temple Newsham house, and apparently a part of Thomas Danby college is haunted aswell.Does anybody no of any other haunted buildings at all? Also is ther any tours of any haunted places in Leeds?

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I remember when they were building the Bond Street Centre, back in the 70's, several contractors reported a spectre haunting the site. Lots of things had occurred to several of them and they were getting spooked, so they went to the Evening Post about it. There was a very unnerving sketch on the front page, of this apparition, who looked a little like David Bowie, if I remember right. I don't know what came of it all, it would be interesting to know, as they appealed for help at the time in finding out who this ghost was. I have seen the apparition at Tempy, back in the late 70's/early 80's.I was all set to write a book on haunted Leeds a few years ago and was in the papers, asking for people to write in with their stories. Unfortunately, the majority of letters I got were for UFO sightings, which, although I am slightly interested in, that wasn't what I wanted the book to be about. It was a shame, as I did a few interviews and some hefty research, but sadly it fizzled out.

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Hi Leedslas, so I guess its pretty safe in thinking that Leeds will have quite a few amounts of hauntings etc just because of how old the city is really. When you saw the apparition at tempy, what did it look like?I've also heard about a ghost haunting some woods near me, I live pretty much of Dib Lane in Oakwood, and theres a beck that runs through some woods connecting to Roundhay Park. Ive heard many stories about a women getting hung in these woods, and apparently she hanuts there now...Be good to find out what everyone knows about hauntings in Leeds, even if you dont belive in such things, and have just heard stories...Thanks,Phaze.

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Also LOL at aparations appearing as David Bowie, that tickled me lols

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There's a new book out called 'Haunted Leeds' by Kenneth Goor. It has some good spook tales in it & the odd secret tunnel that do exist in Leeds!
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I remember the bond street ghost story, i think the workers came across an 18th century cobbler, he had a pony tail, the sketch did resemble the great David Bowie, but lets face it, there was a point in the mid 70`s when david himself resembled a dead cobbler. Glad to say he looks like Mr potts today.

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Hi there,I understand some ghosts of monks have been seen near hill 60, not far from the big lake, at Roundhay Park. I think the monks were connected to Kirkstall Abbey.There are some ghosts at Kirkstall Abbey itself, one of a young woman and another of a dog.These two may be connected.Slightly out of Leeds at Calverley, the ghost of Walter Calverley is said to haunt Calverley Hall.A number of sightings (and sounds) of ghosts have been made at Barwick-in-Elmete and on the road out to Aberford.            
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there's good old Mary Pannel who hangs out in the woods which now bear her name (A659 cas vegas to garforth, near kippax cross roads) who was the last (alleged) witch to be burned at the stake in England. She was accused of having put an incantation on the master at nearby Ledston Hall. Needles to say a fair trial and a burning later and shes not too pleased and has been hanging about the place ever since.Have also seen some very weird things myself at Lotherton Hall.

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Temple Newsom do ghost walks around the house at haloween time. Booking needs to be made early as it popular

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Hi, the haunted leeds book is full of stories of ghosts and is well worth the money. I worked in the Victoria pub in Allerton Bywater that had two ghosts, a man and woman. All the staff saw them at one point or another, usually when other people were present to witness the same figures. It scared me half to death working there. I was a chef in their restaurant and had to go to the cellar for the fresh vegetables. Here I would bump into the male ghost and drop all my veg on the floor and leg it. He would grin at you By the way- please don't be tempted to post any jokes about 'too many spirits behind the bar', as I have heard that one before
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