Have you had a Paranormal experience?

Hauntings, spectres and other supernatural tales
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Re: Have you had a Paranormal experience?

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blackprince wrote:
Thu 20 Jan, 2022 11:37 pm
Hank wrote:
Tue 18 Jan, 2022 8:35 am
------ There was a travelling unfair and one of the snowmen asked me and four other friends if we would help tear down his tent and pack him up. ----------
First i assume this sentence was a result of predictive texting and not Prof Stanley Unwin's ghost taking over your keyboard. :D It did make me laugh.
Seriously, I haven't had a paranormal experience myself or witnessed an apparition. Like you I have a scientific & engineering background. I am not doubting what you and your friends witnessed. There may not be a ready rational explanation for what you saw but jumping to a conclusion that it was supernatural is a step too far. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof IMHO.
You say the subject was dressed like yourselves.
If you can remember after all this time what were the lighting & weather conditions. Is there any possibility that it could be some sort of reflected image from water, glass, spectacle lenses?
Nowadays nothing out of the ordinary goes without being captured on a phone camera, I would expect there to be a great deal of photographic evidence for such apparitions in the last 10 years, if they existed, but I am not aware of an uptick in recorded sightings.
Sorry funfair, showman. It was 1971 so no cell phone camera’s unfortunately. It was either Easter or Whit, 9 pm, don’t remember it raining and no one wore spectacles. I believe late 60’s some poor sole lost his life by drowning in the lake swimming out to a row boat his friend had hired, this would explain the dress code. As I say there were five of us and all saw the same figure, it brushed past me and there were no bushes on that side of the path and it passed through my pal.

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Re: Have you had a Paranormal experience?

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Thanks for responding to my comments, and ruling out optical phenomena.
I have to take your account of 5 witnesses at face value. You and your pals had absolutely nothing to gain by recounting this experience unlike "mediums" who make a living from their "supernatural powers". I don't know about your mate but I would have died of shock if something I thought was another solid person walked right through me. Was he more shocked by the experience than the rest of you?

Your story reminded me of walking near Waterloo Lake with a few pals, aged 13 or 14 in the mid-60s when a dense mist came down and we felt it was a bit creepy. This was not far from the old boat house. You could disappear into the fog and reappear just by running about 10 paces ahead of the others so we hammed it up by playing Spooks, making "Oooooh" noises and flapping our coats.
I noticed a 2-year gap between the last 2 messages I hope you were not abducted by aliens :lol:
It used to be said that the statue of the Black Prince had been placed in City Square , near the station, pointing South to tell all the southerners who've just got off the train to b****r off back down south!

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