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Re: vicar lane bus station

Postby blackprince » Sat 27 Feb, 2016 3:16 pm

Thanks Blakey, for your reply. I used both the West Yorks & and Wallace Arnold stations in Scarboro' as a passenger ( from Leeds) many years ago but had forgotten the names and locations. Leodis has the following to say about Vicar Lane -The bus station was built in 1936/37 on the side [site?] of the Workhouse and North bar it closed in 1990. It does have a similar art-deco style to the station at Northway, I found this photo of Northway after your post.
It used to be said that the statue of the Black Prince had been placed in City Square , near the station, pointing South to tell all the southerners who've just got off the train to b****r off back down south!
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Re: vicar lane bus station

Postby Bracken » Tue 31 May, 2016 6:00 pm

I remember the Vicar Lane bus station well from the late 1960's onwards.There always used to be sawdust in the bays where the buses pulled in because they leaked oil.It used to stink of engine oil and i always used to have a headache when i got home which smelt on the buses also.This never happened if we caught a Leeds City Transport bus.

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