Rail land to be sold

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Re: Rail land to be sold

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And the buyer of Wortley Curve is::::

THE long-disused Wortley Curve seems to have been safeguarded for any future rail use after Network Rail revealed they purchased the land at auction this week.

The stretch of rail line in Leeds was once key in linking the Bradford to Wakefield without having to travel to Leeds city centre.

The stretch of line was closed in 1985, but there have been calls to re-open the link to improve services to and from Bradford.

But any future proposals for the curve seemed to be in jeopardy when, earlier this week the land went to auction with a guide price of just £15,000.

It had been listed by Railway Paths Ltd, a charity that owns and manages former railway land.

When the auction ended yesterday it emerged that the lot had sold for £47,000 – but there were no details about the successful buyer.

Now Network Rail – which owns and manages rail infrastructure - has told the Telegraph & Argus that it is the new owner of the Wortley Curve.

The T&A had made enquiries over the purchase, and this afternoon a Network Rail spokesperson said: “We can confirm that Network Rail has purchased the land at the former Wortley Curve. Plans for the future usage of the site continue to be discussed internally and with stakeholders."
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Re: Rail land to be sold

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Network Rail buys disused railway in Leeds

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Re: Rail land to be sold

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That's obviously good news for any future use, but I'm surprised they didn't keep hold of it in the first place. I know, as a disused line it probably went to BRB Residuary Ltd at privatisation and then Railway Paths Ltd when that was wound up. However Network Rail has so many access rights and covenants over it that I'd have thought it would be easier just to keep it.

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Re: Rail land to be sold

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Thanks buffaloskinner, jma and mhoulden.
It seems ironic that Network Rail have bought land that they once owned. As to their intention I visualise at a management all expense paid luxury brainstorming session someone saying "I've got an idea. Why don't we buy the land so we can build railway lines". To which after guffaws of laughter someone says "Don't be silly. We can sell the land to a developer so that they can build apartments for students" to which they was a round of applause. :lol: I think I might be in a cynical mood!
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Re: Rail land to be sold

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Was someone bidding against N.R. ?
A guide price of £15 K and it sells at £47 K, seems strange.
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