Anyone know where this is?

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Re: Anyone know where this is?

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yes I do know exactly where this is, only trouble is its taken me about 4 months to log on despite having details written down and being on before, only just got a new password so can reply,
yes its john o gaunts, the charlesworths line EWYUR originally ended with a curve into girling stones now car auctions at side of styebank lane, then a branch was built up from stourton to an " end on" junction as so described in the book previously mentioned and which resulted in cuttings which were bridged by amongst others the picture in question, nearest position now is near the steel sculture like fence in red near 1st avenue Rothwell, to be exact you would need to stand in the centre of the dual carriageway as the road over the bridge in question was doubled some years back, hope this is of interest, lost railways of west Yorkshire covers present day locations quite well,

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Re: Anyone know where this is?

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Speaking of the East & West Yorkshire Union Railway, I had to dig this thread up to let you know that I have recently started a series on YouTube about the railway. If you are interested in following the route and having an explore for remains, then I have filmed up to before Rothwell Station already. More to come soon.

If interest, check it out below; ... Pf8bzTOPe0


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