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raveydavey wrote: Looks like the council are determined to force people to use the Elland Road P&R - by closing all the car parks on the south side of the city centre... ... -6851534No wonder there are allegation of a conflict of interest... Two of the 'complaints are that the owners have failed to surface and mark out bay in these facilities, conditions of their continuing. Has anyone had the misfortune to use the Council owned and run car park on the site of the old International Pool?Rough, un-surfaced and potholed, no markings with confused (if not ignorant) users frequently parking in rows three deep preventing those unfortunate to be in what has been made a middle row of cars unable to leave until the later-arriving obstructers return. Councillors in glass houses really shouldn't throw stones.

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Cardiarms wrote: Not that I want to defend Northern Shambles but part of the capacity problem on the Harrogate line is the capacity to hold rolling stock ready for the rush hour. My main complaint on this score is the "victimisation" of Harrogate Line passengers joining during the day in Leeds Station. I realise that there may well be "parking/marshalling problems" for stock out of use all day but platforms 1C and 1B are occupied for many hours by a Doncaster type electric train and often a further diesel train too - by the time you've walked to platform 1A you might as well hoof it all the way to Burley Park or Headingley. I suppose I'm nit picking in a way, but it does seem a pest, and likewise arriving in Leeds too during the same times.
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Not much different to the first class passengers when the London train arrives at/leaves from platform six then Blakey? Except they have even further to walk!

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jonleeds wrote: ........If you're travelling with a bicycle then forget about it..! Why would you travel from horsforth > leeds on a train with a bike! Its barely 4 miles to the city centre and all downhill. Not wanting to call my fellow cyclists lazy here but you do have to wonder!

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