wheatsheaf pub ring road

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wheatsheaf pub ring road

Post by richarddalton65 »

I'm looking for images of Gelderd road Leeds 12
especially the roundabout outside Wass car dealership and the wheatsheaf pub

does anybody have any or point me in the right direction

Thanks in advance

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Re: wheatsheaf pub ring road

Post by iansmithofotley »

The Wheatsheaf pub closed down a long time ago. The premises are now occupied by a Physiotherapy Company called 'Physio Med'.
The car dealership, opposite, was originally Trust Motors before WASS, nowadays it is a BMW dealership called Stratstone.

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Re: wheatsheaf pub ring road

Post by jma »

If you search Leodis for Wheatsheaf there are some four images dating from when the pub was closed but before it had been converted to its current use

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Re: wheatsheaf pub ring road

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