'Cinder Oven Bridge'

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Re: 'Cinder Oven Bridge'

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I found the bridge in the country park the other day, I did a YouTube video about the bridge and went to find it. It's on the main colliery site and not up the hill where the old slag heap was. If you go down Bullough Lane right to the bottom, you will come to the cross roads where the path right goes up the hill and the path left goes into what looks like an old car park. Follow the path past the old car park and through the green gate, and where the trees start on the right hand side of the path, it's just in there. It's visible from the path, well in winter it was.


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Re: 'Cinder Oven Bridge'

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i went down especially on staurday last,
as Darren says, down the main access hill, turn left onto another access road , proceed along this road with the car park over your left shoulder, a new green gate is in front of you, and some concrete moulds and a cast egg ( yes really, probably from a foundry ) are now to your left, just before the green gate if you go right at an angle you will see some bushes, inbetween these are the bridge parts, the front bush having grown up since i took the picture on the lost railway site,

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