1600's Black Death Burial Site

Houses, churches, monuments, graves, etc.
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Wow! Cheers for the info Somme / Dogduke. I'm drooling just looking at this stuff! Its so sad that this wonderful equipment ends up getting torn out and scrapped. I dont know, I guess for many people it leaves a kind of bitter taste in the mouth though, ultimately I'm glad its all done with (touch wood!). But to bin it all, scrap it and virtually pretend none of it existed isnt the way to go neither.
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Re: 1600's Black Death Burial Site

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Just to resurrect an old thread and to add a little further info -

Firstly about the heap / mound just off Sharpe Lane at Middleton / Robin Hood, I have found a 1854 map that has the nearest pit to the heap/mound called Todd Pit (coal) so it may have something to do with that particular pit, I wonder if the farmer that ploughs the land around it knows the exact reason?

Secondly, back in 2012 I posted a request to Hunsletlad about the whereabouts of the Hunslet Cholera Memorial Stone, unfortunately he was no longer posting so each time I have visited Hunslet cemetery I have searched a different area and whoopee today I finally found it! For anyone wanting to visit I have added pic to it's location. Courtesy of google skyview. I have circled the loction.

The stone reads - Sacred to the memory of fifty five inhabitants of the township of Hunslet who fell victim to the cholera in the years 1832 and 1834 whose remains are interred within this ground re-erected 1897.
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