Woodlea Cottage history search

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Woodlea Cottage history search

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Hello, my mother and father-in law purchased Woodlea cottage (positioned in the centre of Woodlea court) off Shadwell Lane in 2021. Apparently is was built in 1860 and I can’t seem to find any information about its history anywhere. (Please see attached photo)

Just wondered if anyone on this group happens to know anything about it’s history or can advise where to source information.

Many thanks
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Re: Woodlea Cottage history search

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Hi Janey Stone Welcome to S/L I cant help but i hope someone else can.
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Re: Woodlea Cottage history search

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Re: Woodlea Cottage history search

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I think there may be a provenance issue here. If you hover over the building marked Woodlea on the old map it is no longer there. I appears to be a mini car park now. Your Parents-in-law's house appears to the upper right and may have been a stable block or barn. Other clues supporting the theory are the garage is more like a stable entrance and although the gable end is clearly stone, the length of the house appears to be artificialy clad. At least the 1860s may be correct.
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