Need exploring ideas!

Places to explore
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Need exploring ideas!

Post by AlienExplorer »

Hey guys! New to the forum. Need ideas for old abandoned places what i can use for my YouTube channel. Some ideas for the places and how to get to the places themselves would be great!


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Re: Need exploring ideas!

Post by Samuel »

Bramley fall woods has an abandoned ammunitions room and Anti aircraft gun. I think... it’s there but no one really knows what it was. It’s still got the turret mount and the steel ring that the gun would be placed on is still there

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Re: Need exploring ideas!

Post by iansmithofotley »

There is always the 'old favourite' - Google, and You Tube:

'East Moor Approved School, Adel, Leeds 16'

There is plenty of information about it. Address - Tile Lane, Leeds LS16 8EB

Directions (Travelling away from the City) - A660 (Otley Road) past University, Hyde Park, Headingley, West Park, Lawnswood/Ring Road Roundabout, towards Adel and Otley. At St Helens Lane (just after Lawnswood Cemetery/Crematorium), turn right. Travel to the end at the junction with Long Causeway, turn left. After a few hundred yards, turn right on to Tile Lane. Travel to the end of Tile Lane. The old abandoned Approved School and Village is at the end.

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Re: Need exploring ideas!

Post by mhoulden »

One of the biggest urbex forums is It'll give you some ideas of where to go and how to stay safe.

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