Applying weed control at Sheepscar Beck.

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Applying weed control at Sheepscar Beck.

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By chance I saw weed control being sprayed at Sheepscar Beck by Benson Street. It's not something that I have probably ever really thought about that weed control will need to be done. I wonder how often it is done? The photos were taken from Benson Street on July 19 2016. The first shows the man in the rear next to Sheepscar Beck, with a side beck joining (that is/was called Gipton Beck) and the second is a close-up of the man spraying the weed control. I did not shout out to attract his attention to ask permission to photograph him at work, so I hope he does not mind.
WeedControlSheepscarBeckLeedsJuly192016.jpg (171.36 KiB) Viewed 6152 times
WeedControlAtSheepscarBeckLeedsJuly192016.jpg (148.05 KiB) Viewed 6152 times
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Re: Applying weed control at Sheepscar Beck.

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Wouldn't have thought it would do the fish any good though
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