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Posted: Sun 29 Apr, 2007 1:30 pm
by mike
Sounds impossible!A tunnel running all the way from Horsforth to Kirkstall?I have only heard about this - I'm off to check it out this afternoon,heres some background on what I hope to find:Medievil tunnel used for moving monksSome of it collapsed between 1900-1950It comes out in some woods near a bridge somewhereHopefully its still open access and me and my mate can get in!Will post the results here in the afternoon!Will have to bring a camera and show anything I find.Mikeps anyone know exactly where the entrance is? So far I am going to have to spend a while looking... my information is patchy at best...

Posted: Sun 29 Apr, 2007 5:20 pm
by mike

Posted: Sun 29 Apr, 2007 5:22 pm
by mike
Well, i'm back-Tis true! There is a tunnel that runs along the canal to kirskstall from Horsforth.Unfortuately thats the only bit of good news-We couldn't get in. We couldn't even find the entrance, so we asked around and came to a pub. We asked the landlord about it (as we had been told to do by others) and he said that the tunnel came out in his basement. So, we shall try to pursuade him to let us in sometime!However, there is another entrance according to him, but its fenced off (we would have gone through, but we were limited by time).Some people informed us of bunkers along the canal near horsforth, and lots of smaller tunnels around those woods.We had a very quick look round, found 'some' things but no tunnel. I will update if I ever do get in!Mike

Posted: Fri 04 May, 2007 4:27 pm
by Phill_d
Nice bit of exploring there mike. I see you found the lost stairs as well.... I don't know what's in the Abbey pub cellar but it deffinately wasn't built for the 11th centuary Kirkstall monks as i (Quote) Spring 2004. View of the Abbey Inn from Pollard Lane, believed to have originated as an 18th Century Farmhouse, and first on record as an Inn in 1826..... Never say never tho... Keep up the good explores mate.

Posted: Fri 04 May, 2007 7:03 pm
by mike
'lost stairs'? Do they have a real name? Cool!Well, if you say it doesn;t come out in the basement, i'd believe you totally!Do you (or anyone else) have any ideas at all about how to get in?There must be parts of it collapsed in places, so you should be able to get in somewhere. Or maybe at the other end?Are there really loads of bunkers along that stretch of the canal?Mike

Posted: Fri 04 May, 2007 7:15 pm
by Phill_d
I wouldn't have thought there were LOADS of bunkers. Maybe if you think about the history of the place & do a bit of research you might get a bit wiser Mick...

Posted: Thu 17 May, 2007 12:09 am
by Foustace
all the bunkers got knocked down when the new housing was built next to the pub =/Well.. most of them =] if you follow the canal in the liverpoll direction theres a turn off on a very well hidden dirt road, you might still find some there. The turn offs on the right not far from the bridge on pollard lane. =]But theres a few holes in bramly wood, never had the balls to go in one though. Did you find the symbol carved into rock? its near those steps.

Posted: Thu 17 May, 2007 1:19 pm
by mike
I didn't see the 'the symbol' I don't think (?) but I'd love to know where these holes are you speak of!I wouldn't have the balls to go down either, but when with a coupla mates I'd make myself look hard and force myself, and them, down the hatch!RE: The new houses - The landlord of the abbey inn mentioned them in fact, sad that they now made the other main entrance in acccessable. A real shame tbh, i'd love to have someing so close to me to explore!Are the holes down in between the canal and river? Are they in the Leeds or Liverpool direction from the Abbey Inn? hmm, this has got my hopes up again. I think i will make another trip to see what else I can find!Mike

Posted: Thu 17 May, 2007 3:43 pm
by Phill_d
Ah these holes again... I doubt if you'll find them Mike.. Damn elusive. I went back a few weeks later & they've vanished totally. Honest...

Posted: Thu 17 May, 2007 5:42 pm
by mike
Elusive? Hmm. A job for the summer then! And some more questions for any local dog-walkers!!!Any help on rough whereabouts appreachiated though!Cheers!Mike