Horsforth Kirkstall tunnel

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no i didnt it had been raining so they were pretty muddy and i was in normal clothes so i didnt want to get dirty.Sometime soon though i'm gonna go down one.I'm also gonna upload pictures of an old building down there because nobody is sure what it is. In my opinion i think its a church but i dunno.

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Well if you do it after I get back from holidays give me a bell and me an my mate'll join you!lol I spend sooo long looking for those holes and found nothing aprt from those steps lol

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Re: Horsforth Kirkstall tunnel

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I googled this to test my memory. As a child I lived in Horsfoth and used to visit an abandoned garden near the canal. I thought that it was Roman but of course that was impossible. One day we heard that the garden was going to be demolished and that the developers had uncovered a tunnel that went all the way to Kirkstall Abbey. It was assumed that monks would flee from persecuters, via the tunnel. To see the tunnel was a one off opportunity because the developers were going to close the entrance. There quite a few people there and I walked into the tunnel but was considered too young to walk the whole length. It was very black. My older brother was a scout and they walked all the way to Kirkstall Abbey. The entrance was closed. I now live in Australia and if I came back to Yorkshire I doubt I could find the place where the garden used to be. Childhood memories can be misleading and so I don't know how much I can vouch for my story's accuracy. This happened around 1966.

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Re: Horsforth Kirkstall tunnel

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Hi Jose Rubio Welcome to S/L thanks for your input very interesting hope to hear more from you.
No matter were i end my days im an Hunslet lad with Hunslet ways.

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