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Re: Eastgate subway?

Posted: Thu 07 Mar, 2024 11:27 am
by jma
I think it's worth noting that local government reorganisation the 1960s and seventies led to conflicting plans between the newly-formed West Yorkshire County Council and the district councils based on the former cities and boroughs. Leeds portrayed itself as a pioneer of pedestrianisation and I do believe there was a long-standing wish to "pedestrianise" the entire city centre while promoting Leeds as the Motorway City of the Seventies.

Leeds City Council's plan was to have a single pedestrian level throughout the entire city centre based on the Bond Street Centre. Briefly, this involved any new developments taking this into account. So, a system of walkways at first floor level was prescribed for premises at Boar Lane level. I hope these links to Leodis work. The first shows the stairs for pedestrians up to the start of the walkways in East Parade. The second shows the elevated route for pedestrians across Park Row

East Parade Walk Stairs to walkway

Park Row from City Square

Re Millgarth Police Station, it's true that a lot of money was spent on new police buildings in that era but I will confidently state as a fact that the original public inquiry counter was half way up the building to comply with the plan for pedestrian access more generally

Re: Eastgate subway?

Posted: Mon 11 Mar, 2024 8:50 pm
by Leodian
Being in the area today (March 11 2024) I had thought of going into at least one of the premises that front Eastgate with their rears fronting Lady Lane to enquire if their staff knew anything about what might be beneath the buildings and even if I could be permitted to have a look. Even if I had been brave enough to ask I could have not done so as I however found that from at least half way down from the Vicar Lane junction all the premises are vacant! It is so depressing to see so many shut premises there and in the centre of Leeds.

Re: Eastgate subway?

Posted: Wed 13 Mar, 2024 2:00 pm
by jma ... ?entry=ttu

That's the furthest I have been able to go back on streetview and it shows the escalator access from the junction of Boar Lane and Albion Street to the first floor pedestrian level. (The Bond Street/Trinity level is in the distance)

Here are the steps on the other side of the escalator ... ?entry=ttu

Pedestrian access to Marks and Sparks is now at the Trinity level ... ?entry=ttu