Ghost signs - Echoes of Leeds' history hiding in plain view

Unusual markings, logos and symbols around the city
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That made me chameleon.
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[quotenick="Phill_dvsn"][quotenick="raveydavey"] buffaloskinner wrote: These look familiarI personally just stopped Leedslist using my photos and stories. I had let them do around 15-20 articles from my material. The only thing I asked is that they credited the photos to me, and make it known where the original source of material came from. With a link back to my original photos they had featured. I asked that request for one reason only. And that was so people could contact me if they wished to use my photos themselves. In the hope it would help stop me loosing copyright of my own photos. That happens if people help themselves to them on uncredited photos on Leedslist and other places. Anyway they didn't, and I felt they were very rude. They used all my text and research but very slightly reworded it. At the top of the article it said *Words Nakita, Photos Phill*I don't mind letting people use or borrow anything I've made or done, but when they try present it as their own work is when it's taking liberties.And that was it. It was like an after thought, like I was some guy who just happened to be an unimportant photographer working for them. It wasn't even very noticeable.'ve been honoured with that credit too, the 'words credit' has since been altered and credited to me) At one point they were churning out 2 and 3 articles a week from my material. I thought they are taking liberties here. So I told them next time they asked, and I replied no they weren't using my stuff anymore. And I told them why. They weren't playing cricket and they were presenting all this material as their own amazing work. Meanwhile I got a crummy 'Photos Phill' All they needed to say was a short thanks and acknowledge the original source of material. A little manners and courtesy cost nothing. They have since reworded some articles and credited me properly since I pulled them about it. But that was too little too late, and they won't be using my stuff again. I tried a few different things in the past, the farcical madness that followed with the ghost village. And I'm pestered with messages asking how to find the Toy Town train tunnel, and the Strategic Steam Reserve. People either need a sense of humour, or invent something new themselves.Come on you Journo guys, give us something new and different to read now                                                              Just out of interest I noticed in a copy of this free paper called the 'Yorkshire Reporter' that is usually given out in Morrison foyer there was an aerial photograph of Quarry Hill flats circa 1960s. This photo was credited to and copyrighted to 'Phil.d'. How does that work cos I was think that I'd like to have that picture of Buzz Aldrin on the moon copyrighted and credited to myself somehow if possible.    
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