Bentley's Yorkshire Brewery

Unusual markings, logos and symbols around the city
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As nobody has mentioned it yet, I was told one thing that BYB was said to stand for was 'Buggers Your Bladder'. Edit added moments after successfully posting the above. I did wonder if a foul language filter might reject the post but it did go through!
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Derculees wrote: Another pub for your list liits, is the Ivy, Valley Road, Pudsey. Still open, don't know who's beer it is now. Learned to drink babies yellow ... bitter there after delivering quite few regurgitated pints to Knostrop via the porcelain portal. Sorry, not on my list. Pudsey was within its own jurisdiction, Pudsey UDC, I think. My interest is purely Leeds. And, by the way, OBJ came up recently in the thread about the Station Hotel, Wyther Lane. The pub's nameboard mentioned OBJ Stout.

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Phill_dvsn wrote: I just used this little gizmo to move the photos only works for firefox browser though. Cheers Phil,aol im afraid,though gotta say its spam filter is awesome.
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[quotenick="Phill_dvsn"]Where are these Mick?I especially like the tiles?The tiles were in Huddersfield Phil but the exact location wasn't specified. The pics below are from the White Cross Inn, Bradley Road,Huddersfield.There is at least one BYB window left as of August 2012

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There were several BYB pubs in Morley and surrounding areas. The Nelson (Victoria Road opp St Peters Church) The Carriers (on Glen Road) The Hembrig (now the Morley Dashers on High Street) The Griffin Head (Gildersome) The British Oak (Westerton Road) The Sportsman (Hungerhill) and the Cross Keys (near Asda)I think there was one on Littlemoor Road in Pudsey called The Railway.BYB were taken over by Whitbread, as were Duttons and Whittakers (Halifax) all at about the same time restricting choice to Whitbread Trophy Bitter. There were no Whittakers pubs in Morleybut there was a Duttons house, at the junction of Victoria Road and Church Street - opposite the Nelson. It hasn't been a pub for forty years - The Prospect - the bus stop outside St Peters Church was always Prospect Inn on LCT destination blinds.    

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The BYB name has now been revived as "Best Yorkshire Bitter" from the (new) Kirkstall Brewery. It's nowt like a best bitter, more a summer pale as they note on the website, but a very tasty drop nevertheless! ... itter-3-5/
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