Farsley Sunnybank Mills 76/20

Unusual markings, logos and symbols around the city
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Farsley Sunnybank Mills 76/20

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I noticed a stone carving high up on Sunnybank Mills Farsley today -the numbers 76/20. See photo if link works! Does anyone know what this refers to?


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Re: Farsley Sunnybank Mills 76/20

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As a shot in the dark, if the original owner Edwin Woodhouse was a member of what is now called the Church of the Latter Day Saints it could be a reference to a quotation
And we beheld the glory of the Son, on the right hand of the Father, and received of his fulness;
https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/stu ... 6?lang=eng

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Re: Farsley Sunnybank Mills 76/20

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Hi jma,

I'm not sure about the connection to the Mormon/ Latter Day Saints document.
Sunnybank mill was founded in 1829 by a club of local mill owners and built about 1832. They were likely to be Methodists or Baptists.
The Mormon church didn't send missionaries from the USA to England until 1837.
So if this inscription dates from 1832 it is too early to be linked to the Mormon document.
If this is actually a later building from the mid 19th century then there were more Mormon converts in England than the US

Following your line of thought I was thinking Psalm 76 Verse 20.
Googled it and found a verse 76 /20 but only in a much later obscure modern translation of the bible.
In the King James Version Psalm 76 only has 12 verses.

Incidentally you can actually enrol on a course of "epigraphy" to study inscriptions on stone buildings - rather you than me though.
It used to be said that the statue of the Black Prince had been placed in City Square , near the station, pointing South to tell all the southerners who've just got off the train to b****r off back down south!

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