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I remember cashdisia using it and was always amazed, as a kid, just how it was done.. Costco still uses a very similar system!    
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Cashdisia Stores / Whitelocks / Le Phonographique / Santana: Reminiscing Time!

I started work at Cashdisia Stores, Leeds in September 1967 at aged 17 years. I worked on the ground floor selling men’s shirts, ties etc.
In 1968 I left to go work as Assistant Manager at Greenwoods Menswear, Albion Street, Leeds.
I returned to Cashdisia Stores in 1969 as Departmental Manager 1st floor, retail menswear & tailoring and stayed there for 3 years.

As previously mentioned in other posts, the payment till system at Cashdisia Stores was the canister air system. You put the money and receipt in the canister and sent it up the pipes to the office on the 1st floor. I got into trouble from the owners for sending it up too fast as it came flying out of the other end at a fair old speed. The office Manager was the one of the owners, Mrs Marsden, and I was in her bad books for some time!

Worked with, Ralph Whittaker Brilliant guy, so strong. Ralph worked the Men’s underwear and pyjamas counter. Most of the underwear and work shirts were double stitched and fleeced as there was not much central heating in those days and a lot of men worked in manual jobs. The pyjamas were all wincyette.
Ralph lived in East Leeds, Seacroft / Crossgates / Killingbeck, not sure which, but he cycled into work every day, no matter what the weather and York Road was / is a busy road. We had some great (pretend) sword fights in the stockroom. (I don’t know where the imitation swords came from?) Ralph would have been about 50 years but fit as a fiddle and I was about 21.
Ralph would be about 98 years old now, if he is still alive?
I also should mention another colleague, Jerry (or Gerry) Claughton, who pulled me out of Leeds swimming pool, when I got a bad attack of leg cramp. Gerry was a big guy and just lifted me up like a feather out of the water and put me on the poolside!
He weighed around 20 stone and I was about 9 stone.

Those were very carefree days.
Every Friday and Saturday I used to go to the best pub in Leeds city centre, Whitelocks, with my work colleague Richard Tosta and his friends.
We had some great times and Saturday night was the big night out as we used to work Saturdays. So, it would be straight out after work, we never seemed to bother about food much in them days. It was a fantastic pint of real ale in the Whitelocks and they sold fantastic Cornish pasties!
It was all women behind the bar and the bar area was elevated so they had a good view of the punters! I went to the Whitelocks for years, though and I never saw any trouble there.
Not that sort of pub, i.e.; no scroats!
After the Whitelocks, some of us would make our way to Le Phonographique which was an underground discotheque? In the Merrion Centre and played mostly hard rock. The music was very loud and is probably responsible for my current hearing loss at the age of 69! I came across my lifelong favourite band there – Santana – who are still going strong today and I have seen them live several times.
Which brings me to 2020 and my visit to Wakefield Royal Theatre, in March, just before the 1st lockdown to see a tribute band - Oye Santana. Absolutely brilliant. Hopefully, they will come back to Wakefield at some point when we get back to near normal.
Anyhow, that's my reminiscing for today. If anybody remembers me from those long gone days, please get in touch. Would love to hear from you.
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Great post Graham 99 i enjoyed the read welcome to S.L
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