City Square House, Leeds.

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City Square House, Leeds.

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Construction of the City Square House between Aire Street and Wellington Street has been going on for a while and seemed to have increased in height a lot recently. It will be offices due to open in 2023 and is built on what had been a car park. It is stated it will be a trapezoidal form comprising a 14 storey section and a lower stepped section. It does however seem to be in a rather small area. I've attached 3 photos I took on September 13 2022. The first two were taken from City Square and the third (from Princes Square road) shows its Aire Street front.
ConstructionCitySquareHouseLeedsSept132022(1)..jpg (140.7 KiB) Viewed 280 times
ConstructionCitySquareHouseLeedsSept132022(2)..jpg (111.84 KiB) Viewed 280 times
ConstructionCitySquareHouseAireStreetFrontLeedsSept132022..jpg (155.26 KiB) Viewed 280 times
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Re: City Square House, Leeds.

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Excellent reportage as always Leo.

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Re: City Square House, Leeds.

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Great photos of this building! Enjoy seeing your photos as due to mobility issues I’m unable to get into Leeds centre and see how it’s changing,in fact not been in the city centre for over 4 years now,so it’s interesting to see the new buildings on various photos thank you!

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Re: City Square House, Leeds.

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As above: "usual high standard" but still worth noting. I'm in a similar position to Jan in that I don't willingly travel into Leeds, although I can see this development from my back-bedroom windows.

It's no secret that high buildings can generate wind turbulence at street level as we saw with Water Lane. I hope this has been considered here.

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