The Electric Press Building

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Re: The Electric Press Building

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blackprince wrote:
Thu 22 Apr, 2021 7:27 pm

They were probably working by gaslight and specsavers hadn't been invented.
Agreed but it is not a good advert for a Printing business that would be dependent on getting the text spot on.
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Re: The Electric Press Building

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I don't like to seem picky, especially over something from so long ago, but it did show I was reading what uncle mick had taken the trouble to link. It does show how hard checking your own text can be and it's the sort of mistake I'd make, caused by thinking ahead: age and wages in this case.

All fascinating stuff about life in the past.

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Re: The Electric Press Building

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Re- typographical errors from the past, I regularly read the news columns from 100 years ago which are reprinted in the Telegraph each day.
They often contain funny typos (both funny peculiar and funny ha-ha) which would never have got past the sub-editors back then. I strongly suspect that the original 100 year old printed text is scanned and then passed through optical character recognition software, before reprinting. OCR is notorious for introducing random typos, which the Telegraph are not editing out, before printing. That's progress for you! Always better to read the original scanned image, as Uncle Mick's the example above.
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