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Re: Red-clad building

Posted: Thu 11 Feb, 2021 5:00 pm
by jma
We really do have a panoramic view of Leeds from our back windows which face almost due North.

When we came here, it was the selling point for the house. I must have mentioned before that as well as the general view, we've witnessed some events such as the fire at Kirkgate Market, the fire at Moorhouse's on Old Lane, and New Year fireworks displays, especially 31 December 1999 which was truly spectacular.

We didn't witness the Tristar overrunning the runway at LBA, but we had a very clear view of it while it was stuck there.

As time passes, what was new becomes familiar. Also, when we moved here in 1975 the houses were quite new so there was little behind us but the Green Belt. The back gardens have grown over the years and one of the neighbours had a couple of Leylandii which must have reached 30-40 feet blocking a chunk of the view. A few weeks ago they had professionals in who removed them without a trace. That's down to our right so the bit that's newly revealed is Leeds 10/11 and so, for example, we can see Elland Road again.

Something else that's changed has been the level of light pollution. Not so long ago, Leeds at light was a blaze of yellow street lights. Now, it's so much more muted, especially when a lot of the lights go out after 0030. There are now loads more red lights on tall buildings and cranes.